2020 toyota 86 lights

2020 Toyota GT-86

You may feel that this model is too long on the market, but 2020 Toyota GT-86 proves that the manufacturer does not think like that. On the other hand, they know that the new market’s demands expect changes, so they will change the model, but not before 2021. It means that we will be able to see this model as almost unchanged.

2020 Toyota Hilux Front

2020 Toyota Hilux

We know that redesign of 2020 Toyota Hilux is only one of the planned changes that Toyota is planning to make for the future, but it is still one of the most interesting, at least so far. We are not sure how much Hilux will be changed, but knowing how impressive plans Toyota has, it should be a very interesting mid-size truck in the future. The main change comes in term of technology and engine strength.

2020 Toyota Celica front

2020 Toyota Celica

2020 Toyota Celica is might be not available as soon as we expect. There are many reasons for that. According to the official information, Celica might not be Celica in the future. It could have a different name. The more important, however, is that Celica could be a mutant that includes three other cars in it – Supra, GT86, and MR2.

2020 toyota corolla front

2020 Toyota Corolla

2020 Toyota Corolla comes as fully redesigned model after years of driving on the same design and with the old engines, and a year after the manufacturer releases redesigned hatchback version of it. The changes in the new sedan are almost those that we expected to see, mostly in design, with great improvements in the equipment.

2020 Toyota RAV4 lights

2020 Toyota RAV4

Even though the 2020 Toyota RAV4 is surely a continuation of the well-known model famous around the world, we cannot be thrilled with this year version. The reason is fully redesigning that last year model has undergone, leaving this year model almost without visible changes. However, we are sure that new buyers will find attractive details on this version, too, as well as important vehicle features.

2020 toyota camry front

2020 Toyota Camry

2020 Toyota Camry represents only a continuation of the model that is fully redesigned two years ago. Since the last redesign happened so soon, the manufacturer has not improved it significantly. However, there will be offered a new trim version called TRD, which should be interesting and attractive to sporty models’ fans.