2017 Scion FR-S is now called the Toyota 86!

The title we used here is actually a mistake because Scion FR-S actually will not exist anymore. This car will have a new name, together with the redesigned look and new shape, and that will be 2017 Toyota 86, a very popular name among the car fans last couple of years. According to Division Group Vice President Bill Fay, this name should represent the new era in Toyota Scion or it is better to say, a new, more attractive model which everybody will love. It will be a symbol of the speed, strength and special sports look.


As we said, the new 2017 Toyota 86 is redesigned and stylized in more attractive sporty shape. It is expected to see amazingly large air intake and curved side in cars planned for that purposes, and that happened in new Toyota 86. The first impression is that new Toyota is literally a sharp, with wide mesh air intake, two sharp points on the bottom of the air intake and the whole front grille looks like the teeth of the wild animal. The front end, however, is much wider than the rest of the car, making the impression of the car more aggressive and wild. The side of the car, on the other hand, has no many details and lines, as well as the roof, and the rear end has a small flat truck door, with little thickened up the end and large plastic protection on the bottom of the rear bumper. There are two dual exhausts on the sides of the bumper.


Spy photos could not see the inside of the 2017 Toyota 86, but they expect rich infotainment system, many high-tech devices, and equipment inside as well as comfort and luxury which is expected in a sports car which Toyota 86 will be. So, you should be prepared for real sporty feeling in the cabin.


A planned 2.0-liter petrol engine provides 205 horsepower and 156 pound-feet of torque paired with six-speed manual transmission. The power will be sent to the rear wheels, with no mentioned options of having an all-wheel driving system on demand. There are also announced some additional parts, like Hill Start Assist Control and new shock tuning. Even though there are no tests made to show the performances of this engine, we expect the highest numbers in term of speed and acceleration when test driving happen.

2017 Scion FR-S – Toyota 86 Price

2017 Toyota 86 is on sale now, for base price $27,120. Our only complaint is that back seat way too small.

(Image: autoweek.com)

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