2017 Scion IM – iA To Be Renamed Toyota Corolla iM

There are huge changes in Scion and Toyota last months. As we know that the name Scion goes in the history and that Toyota changes all names in new ones, there is a question how the new version of this car will be called. The answer is actually very simple. The old Scion iM will be called 2017 Toyota Corolla iM, while old Scion iA will become 2017 Toyota Yaris iA. The changes, thus, are mostly in names, while the features, design and engine performances are pretty much the same as in old models, so we should recall the look of those models and specifications.


2016 Scion IM

If you know the look of the current Toyota Corolla, then you will have a clue about the design of Corolla iM. It is actually the same hatchback, with the sharp front end, wide air intake on the bottom of the front grille, two intakes on the side of the rounded front end and the thin line below the hood with thin, triangular LED front lights. The rear end has simple taillights, flat truck door, and slightly wider bumper. For the second model, Yaris iA things are a little different. It has a design similar to the Mazda 2 or already existing Yaris small hatchback, so it has just a few novelties to represent to the audience, even though it is practically the same car as Yaris with two and four-door design. So, in that case, expect a recognizable thin air intake below the hood slightly bent inward, short chassis with the rounded rear end.


There is no information about the cabin of both car, but knowing the current model of Corolla and Yaris, it should be a rich infotainment system, well-designed seats, and ambient, touchscreen with commands and something from the list of the entertainment equipment, like Bluetooth, USB/AUX input, and stereo system.

2016 scion im automatic


Both cars contain the same engines which they have in current models, so Corolla iM has 1.8-liter four-cylinder petrol engine paired with the eight-speed automatic transmission, while Yaris iA comes with standard 1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine paired with also six-speed automatic transmission, but the optional version with a manual transmission as well.

2017 Scion IM (Toyota Corolla iM) Price and Conclusion

Together with the new Toyota 86, it seems that Toyota prepares for us many novelties and surprises, but most of them are well-known car models from the past with new name and few changes. For every other information, we should wait for the next Auto Shows.

(Image: caranddriver)

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