2017 Toyota Avalon – Full Review

It seems that Toyota love to break limitations, and that surely do with 2017 Toyota Avalon, making the full-size sedan with a hybrid powertrain. It is not unusual for family mid-size cars from many manufacturers, but this is the first large car with the engine completely on batteries and electric power. Aside from that, there are some changes in outside design and rich high-tech system inside of the cabin, but that are not so many changes worth of pointing on. However, according to the prize and known details, we can say that new Avalon stays in the highest position on the list of luxury sedans.


As we said, 2017 Toyota Avalon has not changed much in term of design, so this model looks like the old one from 2015. The main novelty is front grille, with amazingly large mesh and headlights. Other details are actually the same, and Avalon is still old-fashioned, traditionally full-size sedan. On this large car, together with powerful 17-inch wheels, attention attract large front end, with wide air intake on the bottom of the front grille. Above it is thin line with two front lights rounded with aluminum. On the front end goes discrete line to the end of the car, where are two thin and elegant lights and almost flat and traditionally shaped truck.


One of the first thing worth of mentioning on 2017 Toyota Avalon is large and comfort interior, wide leather seats, adjustable and open enough for taller grown passengers. It surely has more cargo space than any other car from the same class and has the very interesting color option as well as the design of the cabin. The wide dashboard has a 7.0-inch touchscreen, well button layout with commands for rich infotainment system which this model has. There are many interesting things which will entertain passengers inside, like radio, Bluetooth, and USB/AUX input.


Now, let say something about the powerful hybrid engine which is one of the main novelties on 2017 Toyota Avalon. It is 2.5-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder electric engine with 200 horsepower. The engine is made on the popular Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, already incorporated in 14 models in US and 40 all around the world. The engine gets CVT automatic transmission. Besides the hybrid engine, there will be 3.5-liter V6 petrol engine with six-speed automatic transmission and 268 horsepower, so it is good to mention this stronger engine among the other sedans in the class.

2017 Toyota Avalon Price

With the price of $34,185 and performance zero to 60 mph‎: ‎7.4 sec according to car and driver, but on official Toyota website you can find that starting price is $33,300 for base model, and price go up tu $42,600 for Hybrid Limited, but we think that all depends on your dealer. So, if you want this great car, we say you won’t mistake.

(Image: Motor Trend)
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