2017 Toyota Celica – long waiting update, or just a rumor?

As some rumors say last days, we should be prepared for 2017 Toyota Celica, a new redesigned model with all old features we loved this model for. If we think a little about that news, it is a logical step after the FT-1 and showing the Toyota Supra. The new Celica could be made on well-known Toyota 86 base, which will not ruin its uniqueness, though. There is information that new Celica will have many interesting things which separate it from the other models. So, do not you worry, Toyota knows the reasons people love this model for and things to offer that keep old buyers faithful.


As we said, 2017 Toyota Celica could be made on Toyota 86 platform, with redesigned front bumpers which have incorporated fog lights. The front end also has HID reflector beam headlights, but there are LED daytime lights together with them. Below them is wide air intake with interesting designed mesh, and the whole front end is lower than on the last model. The rear end is on the other hand, higher and has a higher spoiler on the top of the truck, with LED rear lights, larger than before. Lower hood and slightly thinner front end provide needed aerodynamic shape, which, together with lighter chassis supposes to provide higher speed and better acceleration.


The inside of 2017 Toyota Celica is all in luxury and rich materials. Heated and well-shaped seats are covered with leather, as well as dashboard and steering wheel. The dashboard will have chromatic and aluminum details, with a modern touchscreen in the middle of it. Together with expensive materials, there is high-technology included in infotainment and entertainment system, as always in Toyota cars, so we should expect Bluetooth, stereo system, radio, USB/AUX input, navigation control, climate control and many other things.


We know that you cannot wait to hear which engine Toyota will put in 2017 Toyota Celica. According to many rumors, we should expect the same solution as on Lexus, which means 2.0-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder which produces 258 horsepower. Together with the six-speed manual transmission there will be offered CVT automatic transmission, too. Projected fuel economy is around 30 mpg on the highway. Rumors also predicted stability and faster acceleration, which is important when this size of the car is on the road. However, we always expect good engines from Toyota, so whatever the final option is, it will be the best one for drivers.

2017 Toyota Celica back

2017 Toyota Celica Conclusion and Price

Whatever you believe in, we are sure that 2017 Toyota Celica will be on the market during 2017, for the starting price of $20,000. Stay with us for new information!

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