2017 Toyota Etios Review and Price

The redesign and update of 2017 Toyota Etios come as the gift to all faithful buyers who have chosen to give their money and trust to this cute sedan. It was not long when now the old model came from the factory and won the market. The old model was very popular and according to some information, there were almost 25 000 units in America. That is a great number which puts Etios on third place of the best-sold car in America. Well, let see what is new in this version and what Toyota has decided to change to make Etios even better than the old popular model.


The outside design of 2017 Toyota Etios has undergone few changes, all in order to provide better aerodynamic and less noise in the cabin. The biggest changes Etios had in the front end, mostly in look and shape of the front mesh and lights. They are much more interesting now, modern and well incorporated in the rest of the car. However, it is still simple designed with the simple front end, slightly bent in the middle, following the shape of the hood and with new LED front lights at the end of it. There is also a wide air intake below them and rounded fog lights. The side of the car and the roof has not changed and they are still flat and simple, while the rear end is unusually wide, with spaced large and vertical headlights.


The inside of the 2017 Toyota Etios has everything we expect from the Toyotas, with many additions in term of comforting and enjoyment in driving. That includes wireless door speakers, instrument-panel speakers, 2-DIN Toyota audio system (which is all new in Toyotas) and even antenna pole which is over the standard ones. The inside design is also new and modern, with height adjustable seats, adjustable headrests, under-thigh support and additional cushioning. Those seats are something new in Toyota and offer all-in-one command and features. As the opposite of the last model, the cabin in new Etios has new chrome finishing instead of old simple ventilation controls.


The interesting fact is that 2017 Toyota Etios has small but functional 1.5-liter with 88 horsepower. It can accelerate the speed of 60 mph for 11 seconds, but the fuel consumption is around 6 liter for 60 miles which is good for sedans as well as for hatchback, too.

2017 Toyota Etios Price and Conclusion

Available only in India, Brazil and couple other countries, 2017 Toyota Etios costs around ₹ 6,03,188 for Petrol and ₹ 7,26,614 for diesel. It will be offered very soon.

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