2017 Toyota FJ by Icon

For some old fans, the name 2017 Toyota FJ can sound awkward, knowing that official manufacturing and selling of this model stopped in 1983. That was the year when the last series FJ 45 with two doors and pickup design has been shown. However, there is an engineer, Jonathan Ward, who obviously loves Toyota trucks and now buys repairs and sells every truck Toyota made. This model has been waiting for a couple of years for debuting since Jonathan polished and changed details to make it perfect.


According to photos, 2017 Toyota FJ kept the same design and line as old models from 80’s. Having an option to choose the model and details on them, buyers will be able to have FJ40 model with shortening wheelbase or an extended one, a famous FJ44 model. On the other hand, the manufacturer has covered with special color usually made for military made of polyester and Teflon, so it is protected from scratching and removing. The truck is squared, with recognizable squared mesh front end, rounded lights and big metallic protection on the front of the bumper. The rear end is also flat, with old fashioned taillights and some decoration. After all, it is the simple usable truck for daily duties.


As on the exterior design, there is an option of choosing the inside of 2017 Toyota FJ, so buyers will have many options in term of design, but fabric (even though they will be offered top notch in any circumstances), the number of the seats and technology they want. However, base model which we were able to see had a perfectly matched the distance between the seats and their positions, so in every other case buyers will have the best option and offer.


The engine in 2017 Toyota FJ will be the only thing which buyers will not be able to change. It is 5.7-liter V8 petrol engine placed in original Corvette in series made from 1997 to 2004. It also has aluminum LS cylinder as on original LS1 engines. However, the strength of this motor is 430 horsepower and it produces 440 pound-feet of torque. Behind the six-speed transmission is classic Atlas II twin-stick transfer case. Besides the usual model with front wheel power, there will be offered a four wheel driving system for off-road driving.

2017 Toyota FJ by Icon Price

As 2017 Toyota FJ is made by order, it is not for sure how much it will cost, but it is expected that price will be around $180,000 for the base model, and it could go over $200,000 for special orderings.

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