2017 Toyota Harrier Redesign – Rumors


2017 Toyota Harrier is a long waited car from Toyota. As the last models have been long on the market, it had to offer many things in new model which will attract buyers, mostly in term of design. That happened and Harrier is a much more interesting car than before, with completely redesigned exterior and the cabin. The only thing which could be a little disappointing is an old engine, not changed from the last model. However, according to the comments and impressions that will be forgotten very fast after the new model goes on the market.


Many things are interesting and attractive in 2017 Toyota Harrier, that we practically do not know how to start with the describing of it. Firstly, there is amazing front grille, very wide and open on the bottom of the front bumper, covered with mesh-like protection. On the top of it are two sharp lights, incorporated in the shape of the front bumper, which also makes the shape of the letter Z together with the air intake. The front lights are thin and below the rounded hood. The rear end is also redesigned to make the more impressive sporty look, which is achieved with modern taillights, rounded rear end, and slightly curved truck door. The roof is finished with a large spoiler on the top of the rear end, which not only that provides a sporty look and modern design but keep the aerodynamic shape.


The cabin of 2017 Toyota Harrier is maybe a little old-fashioned, meaning that there are no those modern details and expensive ads, but only in term of design. When it comes to the equipment, Harrier offers much more than many cars in the same class, like large display in front of the driver, perfect button layout with all commands collected from ads offered in this car, like navigation system, cruise control, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB/AUX connection and brake collision assists.


Although the small engine on 2017 Toyota Harrier maybe say that it is not designed for high speeds, the numbers are not as bad as we could think. The engine is as before, 2.5-liter with 155 horsepower and 145 pound-feet of torque with measured fuel economy of31 mpg combined driving. The engine is paired with CVT automatic transmission and has an all-wheel driving system as a standard option.

2017 Toyota Harrier Price

The rumors said that we should expect the showing of the 2017 Toyota Harrier at the end of 2016, but we still waiting for starting of the mass sale. If we know that the starting price is around $45,000 , it will be a good selling, that is for sure.

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