2017 Toyota Hilux Hybrid – Rummors or Real Deal?

2017 Toyota Hilux Hybrid shows that Toyota has big plans for the large vehicles made in their factory. Recognizing the future of the big cars, they have chosen to change existed models, instead of making completely new ones, attracting the old buyers together with those who will choose Toyota for their next shopping, even they have never thought about this manufacturer. That is why Hilux has many details in design and engine as the last models, but also many improvements and changes so they will be interesting for new buyers. Together with the petrol engine options, there will obviously be offered a hybrid one, with special features and options.


As we could see on photos, 2017 Toyota Hilux Hybrid has slightly redesigned front end, keeping the same recognizable details to provide the same impression to old buyers. That means that rounded front end still has three parts, this time much better incorporated and more delicate rounded. There are chromatic lines in large and wide front grille, with thin curved front LED lights. two small rounded fog lights stand below them, and on the bottom of the front end is the wide air intake. The rear end is not much changed, mostly because it still represents largeness in cargo space, so there are still vertical thin rear lights and flat truck door. There will be offered three sizes of aluminum wheels, from 16 to 18 inches.


The cabin in 2017 Toyota Hilux Hybrid is also big and comfort as on previous models, so there should not be many surprises there. It has enough space for five passengers, which will feel comfort and enjoyment, not only because of the size but thanks to the luxury and expensive materials in higher trim versions. That should be leather on the seats, soft plastic, and chromatic details. The modern dashboard is in perfect angle to allow the driver safe driving without distracting, and there will be everything which Toyota usually puts in its cars, like navigation system, rearview camera, Bluetooth, smartphone integration, Wi-Fi signal and many other things.


This picture show 2017 Toyota Camry Engine

Since Toyota still has not announced engine range for 2017 Toyota Hilux Hybrid, we cannot surely confirm which engine will be found in this car, but we can predict the strength of it. It is possible to be an average model with the horsepower from 161 to 169 paired with a six-speed transmission and all-wheel driving system as optional. We predicted it looking at previous models.

2017 Toyota Hilux Hybrid Price Prediction

After all, we saw by now, there should not be many surprises in price for 2017 Toyota Hilux Hybrid. The cars in this class usually costs from $30,000 and knowing the prices for last models that should be the price for this model, too.

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