2017 Toyota Kluger Review and Price

After the redesigned Toyota Highlander for US market, the popular manufacturer provided a new model, a version exclusively for the Australian market and called it 2017 Toyota Kluger. Many features are pretty much the same as on its older American brother, while some of them are adjusted with Australian legislation. They could not offer exactly the same body frame and suspension, while the engine options had to be different, but basically, on the first glance, it has many similarities with the Highlander and practically represents the same model for different market needs and demands.


The Very attractive front grille is almost the same as on Highlander, so 2017 Toyota Kluger will recall the same emotions at first glance. Trapezoidal front grille, with chromatic grids, separated on two halves surely attract attention. Redesigned and modern LED front lights are well incorporated in shape of the hood, mostly thanks to the curving at ends and thinner shape. The side of the car is flat, with only one deep dent on the doors, while rear end are rounded and just a little curved around the lights and truck door. The whole car has chromatic lines around the windows and plastic protection around the wheels. As the opposite of their American brother, Kluger has larger 18-inch wheels.


Modern and attractive cabin in 2017 Toyota Kluger represents all which Toyota want to achieve on the market of large crossovers, and that is a car mostly for younger buyers. The cabin is wide and comfort, with leather seats and many additions for comfort and enjoyment, like cup holes in between the front seats. However, modern high-technology fulfills all our expectations, with DAB+ digital radio, powered tailgate, satellite navigation and independently opening glass button. All commands are in large 8-inch touchscreen in the middle of modern designed dashboard. The only things which are surprisingly missed are Android Auto and Apple Car Play.


Under the hood is a new surprise for Australian buyers of 2017 Toyota Kluger and that is improved 3.5-liter petrol engine with 270 horsepower and 290 horsepower for the stronger option. It is paired with the eight-speed automatic transmission, which, aside the great fuel economy, still a little slow and sluggish for higher speed. However, the fuel economy shows 24 mpg combined, which will surely be one reason to average buyers choose this car.

2017 Toyota Kluger Price

Even though the last models of Kluger cost around $42,000, the new 2017 Toyota Kluger has to be much more expensive, thanks to all these novelties. Experts estimate a price over than $70,000.

(Image: caradvice.com.au)

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