2017 Toyota Mirai – Review and Price

2017 Toyota Mirai provides something which became a highly demanded feature on cars nowadays – zero gas emissions, thanks to the hydrogen as new engine and source of power for futuristic cars. It is not new on cars market, but Toyota prepared many novelties in this model, which follow the aim that in next decades cars became completely green and clear. However, it made many problems in constructing it, starting from the engine capacity (and weight of the car) to the price and unavailability of the hydrogen in any other country than the US.


We used to see many electric cars, and it seems that any of them can be normal and similar to other cars in the market. The same case is with 2017 Toyota Mirai, too. The wide front end with numerous air intakes and grids has undefined black plastic protection below the hood, while the hood is interestingly lifted with the thin black line below it, where front lights are have been put, that is, in short, description of this car. Because of that, the whole hood looks like it is floating above the whole car. The side of the car has a curved line which ends in the slightly wider front bumper, making the car shaped in letter Z. However, the whole car looks like the new Prius, which was probably a sample for this model now.


The cabin, on the other hand, cannot be more like Prius than in 2017 Toyota Mirai. Many devices we have seen in Prius are in Mirai now, including the large touchscreen separated in three parts. The biggest problem and complaint about this Mirai is an unexpectedly small cabin, planned for four passengers. The problem becomes even bigger if we know that this model has smaller cargo space, too, mostly because of the hydrogen tank on the back of the car and unexplained smaller rear end than on the previous model.


Under the front seats of 2017, Toyota Mirai is a strong electric engine with 153 horsepower, capable of increasing the speed of 60 mph for 9 seconds and without a drop of gasoline to achieve that. Even though using the hydrogen sounds as the best resolution for environment and future of the planet, the fact is that only in US drivers can actually find hydrogen on gas stations and that is only in California, where Toyota has planned to offer this car. Maybe the best news is that manufacturer offers free hydrogen for their cars in 36 months after the buying of the car, so that is huge savings.

2017 Toyota Mirai Prices

The official today’s Toyota starting price is $57,500. There are lease option for new Mirai and it cost you $349 per month, for 36 months, $2,499 due at lease signing (12,000 mile limit).

Purchase support for trailblazers:   –   Lease support for trailblazers:

-3 years’ worth of complimentary fuel            -3 years’ worth of complimentary fuel
-$7,500 purchase support                                 -$5,000 CA rebate
-0% APR support for 60 months
-1.9% APR support for 72 months
-$5,000 CA rebate

(Image: Motor Trend)

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