2017 Toyota Sienna Review and Price

2017 Toyota Sienna is prepared for special buyers, those who have large families and love long traveling without smashing and curving on small and tight seats. Even though not many people could understand the interests for robust and massive cars, with no many details which represent a modern vehicle, those who come in those cars once never leave them in the future. That is perhaps they used to carry a large load, or have specific habits of traveling with a lot of friends on the back seats, however, Sienna is much more than a simply minivan. Let see why.


The outside of 2017 Toyota Sienna represents the willing of the Toyota to make a true minivan, with sharp and strong defined edges, flat truck and roof and simple front end. Looking from the front end, there is trapezoidal meshed grille, with curved thin LED front lights at the ends of them and small rounded fog lights. Below them are wide air intake and metallic line as the decoration. The front end looks a little rounded and short, but the rest of the van replaces the shortness lost in the front end. That means that vehicle has long cabin and wide roof, but the rear end still has flat and simple truck door with interesting shaped rear lights.


The cabin of 2017 Toyota Sienna literally fulfills all needs and wishes the average buyer of minivans. There is a plenty of room for all passengers, together with the large cargo space, with the option of the enlarging after the second and third row removing. The driver seats can be ordered separated, so every buyer can have the special level of comfort and enjoyment. The equipment is the highest in the class, with a 6.1-inch touchscreen, navigation system, auto brake control, power sliding doors, dual moonroof and upgraded stereo system.


Thanks to the 3.5-liter V6 engine paired with the eight-speed automatic transmission, the new 2017 Toyota Sienna provides the strength for 30 horsepower more than on the last model, which means 296 horsepower. This is not slow minivan at all, and that confirms the information that it increases the speed of 60 mph for only 9 seconds, and after the test driving has been finished, it proved that it is one of the safest minivans on the road, and that is very important for family cars.

2017 Toyota Sienna Price

The official 2017 Toyota Sienna today price is $29,750 for the Sienna L model, and i is going up depending on the equipment that you order. And most expensive is Sienna Limited model starting price is $42,800. We found on car and driver that you can lease it for $406/mo and finance it for $450/mo.

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