2017 Toyota Supra – 2017 Tokyo Auto Show


As the year has started, we have heard for many novelties from popular manufacturers, but it seems that Tokyo Auto Show at the end of the year will have the biggest news from Toyota. That is a showing of the new 2017 Toyota Supra, already tested a couple of times on test driving, captured on spy photos and changed and redesigned so many numbers of times until the new photos we say this winter in Sweden. Toyota never sleeps, we can confirm after those photos because nobody could expect so many changes and go further than simply copying of F1 concept, as we expected in past years.


Cooperation with the BMW resulted in great changes as in term of design, that in term of engine strength and driving specification. The new 2017 Toyota Supra, as spy photos showed, has different rear end than on previous test mules, with thin vertical rear lights, thin spoiler on the top of the truck and two rounded exhaust instead of the large oval one which the last mule had. The side of the car is curved, with a deep dent on the door and interesting solution for air intake which is behind the front wheels now. The front end is sportier as we expected to see the last photos and there are curved LED front lights. It is known that Supra actually shares the same platform with BMW, which has replaced the old Z4 model with new Z5, meaning that new Supra will be like the new Z5 platform on BMW. That is interesting news for people who love sports car with luxury designed parts and well-constructed engine. Another main change is replacing the place where new model will be made, and that is Austria, under control of Magna Steyr, a designer from Graz.


In term of the engine, there will be some novelties in 2017 Toyota Supra, too. Even though the new engine is not known by now, it is expected to be one of the models from the line of V6 six-inline turbocharged models, with possibly 400 horsepower or even more than that. That means that Supra will be the main competitor to the Nissan GT-R, which already adopted the same engine type. However, Toyota announced that we should expect a hybrid version of this engine as well as the many surprises in engine performances when the new car finally comes out from the factory lines.

2017 Toyota Supra Conclusion, and Release Date

All other information about the 2017 Toyota Supra should be known before Tokyo Auto Show, but whatever happens until then, Tokyo will give all other answers. The release date is not known yet, and officially confirmed, but there are rumors that it will be know at Tokyo this year.

(Image: road and track)

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