2017 Toyota Supra – Toyota Supra and BMW Z5 Spied – Winter Testing Together

The new cars from Toyota always attract attention, but 2017 Toyota Supra is maybe the most interesting car in the last couple of years. The reason is long planning of the new car, questing which platform will be used in making it, the mentioning of sporty F1 version and finally, a lot of test mule with not always visible details on rear and front ends left the buyers curious what will really happen with this car. Well, if you are one of those who was particularly interested in to see the new Supra, there are spy photos made at test driving in Sweden where two cars come out and represent themselves – BMW and Supra. Are you ready to see what they prepared for us?


As we could see on spy photos, 2017 Toyota Supra has changed some parts from those they had on test mule we saw on photos before. That means that new Supra will have vertical thin rear lights as the opposite of the previously showed small rounded ones, with a special spoiler on the top of the truck and rounded exhaust again as a replacement for the large oval on the last test model. The side of the car has sporty and interesting bent line with the wider front bumper and special air vents behind the front wheels. As we could hear in past years, Toyota had made cooperation with BMW, so the new cars in both factories actually share the same platform and some details in exterior design and engine performance. The new Supra is similar to the new Z5 platform from BMW, which is a replacement for old Z4 one. The one more huge change is a new designer, Magna Steyr, which will make this car in Graz, Austria in one of their factories.


The engine in 2017 Toyota Supra should be stronger and better than on predecessors, but we still cannot be sure about all performances it will have. It is expected to be a strong six-cylinder V6 engine with more than 400 horsepower. It is something like the current model on Nissan GT-R, which is amazingly strong and fast for this car class. Besides that, we can confirm that there is a high possibility of offering a hybrid version of this engine, even though Toyota has not clearly confirmed that information yet. The engine should be paired with six-speed automatic transmission, but that is also not confirmed.

2017 Toyota Supra Release Date

The next Auto Show in Tokyo should be the place where new 2017 Toyota Supra will be debuted, so we should wait for it and new information.

(Image: AutoGuide)

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