2017 Toyota Prius C – Hybrid Hatchback

With the new 2017 Toyota Prius Hybrid popular manufacturer has made impossible – to make a car with all needed features for average sedan’s buyer, but packing them under the strong hybrid engine, which has strength enough to satisfy even those who never liked slow and weak electric cars. Well, new Prius will not be slow and surely are not a weak car, according to the numbers manufacturer measured on test driving. The other things, like design and details in the cabin, supports the main idea of satisfying the buyers of modern and futuristic cars, and Toyota has always been a leader in that field. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Prius C – Hybrid Hatchback”

2017 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Price

For those who have driven Tacoma before it is a well known car with the great driving impression, road stability and surely well-designed exterior for the class. 2017 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab goes further than that. Known as the best sold small truck in mid-size truck class, Tacoma has always been somewhere on the top of the list of trucks which everyone could own. With great driving position and strong engine, Tacoma is good for work and a heavy load, but with perfectly designed cabin and equipment there, it is a great car just for pleasure and enjoying in driving. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Price”

2017 Toyota Avalon – Full Review

It seems that Toyota love to break limitations, and that surely do with 2017 Toyota Avalon, making the full-size sedan with a hybrid powertrain. It is not unusual for family mid-size cars from many manufacturers, but this is the first large car with the engine completely on batteries and electric power. Aside from that, there are some changes in outside design and rich high-tech system inside of the cabin, but that are not so many changes worth of pointing on. However, according to the prize and known details, we can say that new Avalon stays in the highest position on the list of luxury sedans. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Avalon – Full Review”

2017 Toyota Celica – long waiting update, or just a rumor?

As some rumors say last days, we should be prepared for 2017 Toyota Celica, a new redesigned model with all old features we loved this model for. If we think a little about that news, it is a logical step after the FT-1 and showing the Toyota Supra. The new Celica could be made on well-known Toyota 86 base, which will not ruin its uniqueness, though. There is information that new Celica will have many interesting things which separate it from the other models. So, do not you worry, Toyota knows the reasons people love this model for and things to offer that keep old buyers faithful. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Celica – long waiting update, or just a rumor?”

2017 Toyota GT86 – Street ready

When the old model Scion has been replaced with the 2017 Toyota GT86, nobody expected many changes in term of design and equipment, but more in engine strength and speed. Let say that there happened quite opposite. The new Toyota has been changed in design; it has great cabin design and equipment, while the engine is almost the same as in any other models in same class. But, let start from the beginning, how Toyota changed the exterior and what is new there, and then we will come to the most important – how the driving of this Toyota will look like. Continue reading “2017 Toyota GT86 – Street ready”

2017 Toyota 4Runner Review

It is not easy to be unique in SUV and crossovers market today, but 2017 Toyota 4Runner will surely take its place very soon. Thanks to some small changes it is different from other cars, and with engine performance, it has features to reach the top level on the list of SUV cars. If you are willing to buy a new truck, make sure that you need a truly off-road crossover, which offers only the best equipment for that purposes, while for people who are mostly city drivers this car is maybe too robust. However, there is offered a new trim version and some improvement in term of speed and stability. Continue reading “2017 Toyota 4Runner Review”