2017 Toyota Prado Review and Price

Since the first Prado came out from Toyota, and that was in 1984, this model simply cannot go out from fashion, which follows the new model 2017 Toyota Prado, too. As the 5th generation of these models, it deserves attraction buyers give them, mostly because of amazingly modern design, greatly equipped cabin and very useful engine strength. The new model, on the other hand, offers great price range, with many trim versions, which satisfies even the most demanded buyers. So, old and new buyers can find themselves in the cabin of this interesting crossover from Toyota. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Prado Review and Price”

2017 Scion IM – iA To Be Renamed Toyota Corolla iM

There are huge changes in Scion and Toyota last months. As we know that the name Scion goes in the history and that Toyota changes all names in new ones, there is a question how the new version of this car will be called. The answer is actually very simple. The old Scion iM will be called 2017 Toyota Corolla iM, while old Scion iA will become 2017 Toyota Yaris iA. The changes, thus, are mostly in names, while the features, design and engine performances are pretty much the same as in old models, so we should recall the look of those models and specifications. Continue reading “2017 Scion IM – iA To Be Renamed Toyota Corolla iM”

2017 Scion FR-S is now called the Toyota 86!

The title we used here is actually a mistake because Scion FR-S actually will not exist anymore. This car will have a new name, together with the redesigned look and new shape, and that will be 2017 Toyota 86, a very popular name among the car fans last couple of years. According to Division Group Vice President Bill Fay, this name should represent the new era in Toyota Scion or it is better to say, a new, more attractive model which everybody will love. It will be a symbol of the speed, strength and special sports look. Continue reading “2017 Scion FR-S is now called the Toyota 86!”

2017 Toyota Etios Review and Price

The redesign and update of 2017 Toyota Etios come as the gift to all faithful buyers who have chosen to give their money and trust to this cute sedan. It was not long when now the old model came from the factory and won the market. The old model was very popular and according to some information, there were almost 25 000 units in America. That is a great number which puts Etios on third place of the best-sold car in America. Well, let see what is new in this version and what Toyota has decided to change to make Etios even better than the old popular model. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Etios Review and Price”

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2017 Toyota Estima Review and Price

A new version of the known model from Toyota 2017 Toyota Estima obviously wants to win the market of mini-vans with eight seats. Although some of you think that Estima is nothing much in the already defined market of these vehicles, it still has what to show to its new buyers. So, before you judge them, wait to see what Estima has to offer to the buyers. It is large and comfort van, modern stylized and well detailed, with a lot of space for the cargo and grown passengers. It also has good engine solution for this size van and surely a good price for the average buyer. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Estima Review and Price”

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2017 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Prediction and Rumors

2017 Toyota Sienna Hybrid is not a car for everyone, especially not for those who love to drive fast, strong and ultramodern machine and showing off in front of the friend. New Sienna, on the other hand, aiming to reach the buyers who are not only depended on from the long traveling with the family but love to be as modern as it is possible in a minivan, has many new details in exterior design, together with the new engine specifications and inside equipment. This time, Sienna will be a car for a wide range of the buyers, so let see what they have to offer to us. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Prediction and Rumors”