2018 Toyota Venza Redesign

It seems that not many people know that 2018 Toyota Venza even exist, due to the many other brands and many novelties from Toyota lately. Toyota has made a huge change in SUV car class, redesigning the models like Highlander and RAV4, but mid-size SUVs like nobody wanted to change. Especially models from 2009 and older have gone from the sight of this manufacturer, leaving the customers confused with this car class for the next generation. Well, that mistake will be corrected very soon, since Toyota announced that they will make a completely new class of the car in years to come. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Venza Redesign”

2018 Toyota Sienna – Swagger Wagon

There is no many surprising in new 2018 Toyota Sienna, but those which we noticed are highly professional and quality. Even though Sienna has always been the best in minivan class, there are few of the new models made in competitor factories the last couple of years, so Toyota now has a big task to achieve new limitations and levels in luxury minivan production. According to changes they made, mostly in term of the design and cabin equipment, we can say that new Sienna has everything which is needed for the competition. We only can add a new powertrain, together with the exclusive numbers about the fuel economy and speed. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Sienna – Swagger Wagon”

2018 Toyota Hilux Hybrid Rumors and Speculations

The new 2018 Toyota Hilux Hybrid is the latest answer from manufacturers to the more required market and improved into the higher level. The new model is remarkable in his class, with the more aggressive look and improved interior, with redesigned exterior, and of course a quite big progress in the way of the engine. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Hilux Hybrid Rumors and Speculations”

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2017 Lexus RX 350 – 450 Review

In a class of the luxury crossovers, Lexus has made a big breakthrough making the 2017 Lexus RX with many differences in term of the exterior design. It is interesting that, even though this type of the car had been interested in the buyers in past couple of the years, design and equipment has not much improved, like the manufacturers had lost the ideas what to offer next. Well, Lexus is not among those manufacturers, changing the important and visible things, and keeping the things which buyers loved on last models. Continue reading “2017 Lexus RX 350 – 450 Review”

2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure – for light off-roading

As the 2017 starts, the Toyota introduces us with her new RAV4 concept, which is quite refreshment in the segment of SUV. Like all serious manufacturer, and Toyota is representing us a lot about of 2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure, so there should not be many surprises, even though many of those things are expected from the serious manufacturer as Toyota is. Toyota decided to stay in the same line with this SUV, in term of the equipment and outside design, with some novelties, mostly in details and equipment improvements. Continue reading “2018 Toyota RAV4 Adventure – for light off-roading”

2018 Toyota Prius C Review and Price

New 2018 Toyota Prius C comes right in time to continue the competition with the new hybrid eco-friendly car models from the other car brands. Knowing as the first hybrid car on the market, Prius has a heavy task to keep the step with the modern cars in this class, so upgrading the old models and making the new ones is simply needed at this moment. However, Toyota has not disappointed us, this model has many improvements in term of the engine usage and environment safety, together with the known details, that even the new buyers will be interested in buying this vehicle. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Prius C Review and Price”