2018 Toyota Auris

Even though some of the Toyota fans expected a lot of changing in new Auris, 2018 Toyota Auris has been changed only in details and modernity, while recognizable style and well-known features are still there. According to the news from the factory and spy photos which have been a lot lately, the new Auris is still small and compact car with sharp edges and only needed details. The visible changes could be noticed only in term of cabin design and equipment, and that will surprise even the mistrustful buyers.


2018 Toyota Auris – Image Source: Motor1

The sharp front end of 2018 Toyota Auris, covered with gridded front grille is almost the same as on the previous Auris. Curved front line, supported by the shape of the hood makes the whole car even the sharper, while the lights, also thin and incorporated in hood line has additional daylight addition and have the chromatic line to separate them from the rest of the front end. Below them are wide air intake and small rounded fog lights. The rounded rear end has decorations over the truck door and edges, with curved rear lights. The whole car is compact, small but functional with the long front end.


The cabin of the 2018 Toyota Auris is nothing less modern and useful as on predecessors, with the accent on the rich equipment and chromatic decoration. There is 4.2-inch TFT screen with the important commands, well incorporated in the modern designed interior. The quality fabric used inside together with small but functional equipment should be interesting to the younger buyers, but the additional safety system is among the highest with the quality and safety tests results. Even though the car looks small, there is a space for five passengers, with the slightly tight space for the legs in the second row.


Toyota announced that 2018 Toyota Auris will be offered in many engine options. Together with the classic petrol one, there will be a hybrid version and even TNG model. Petrol engine should be 1.6-liter with 132 horsepower of strength, which needs 10 seconds for speed increasing of 60 mph. The measured fuel consumption is around 30 mpg.

2018 Toyota Auris competitor and Price

2018 Toyota Auris supposes to be a main competitor to the most popular cars from the biggest manufacturer on the market, like Ford Focus, Opel Astra, and Volkswagen Golf. Even the Peugeot 306 can be added to the list of the car which should considerably take this model in mind. With the price of $18,000 for the basic model, it could be a very serious competitor to them in years to come.

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