2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid – Mid-size Car

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid should be not only a successor of the famous model which attracts attention for over 15 years, but it will do it with the main goal to reach the popularity and usage of more popular Prius from the same manufacturer. That is why Toyota has made an improved hybrid engine, which supposes to be much stronger and has better fuel economy. Other things about this car are not that important and visible, although there are few novelties worth of mentioning, like cabin equipment and a new style of the exterior with some changes and updates.


2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid – Image Souce: Motor Trend

There are no many changes in term of exterior design in new 2018 Camry Hybrid, and that is not strange knowing that manufacturer actually has not changed that much, investing in the new hybrid engine. The front end has a wide air intake in shape of rhomboid, with wide grids, covering the whole front bumper. Above it is thin, Y like front grille, made of chrome, with recognizable logo in the middle. The sides of the bumpers are decorated with new LED front lights, which are inclined inwards and thin to fit in below the hood line, so the front end gets the sharp and muscular shape. The rounded roof is lowered at the end, literally dropping on the flat truck door with thin rear lights. There are no many other curves and lines, which gives to this Camry elegant and luxury look and shape.


2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid Interior – Image Souce: Motor Trend

The cabin of 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid is as comfortable and roomy as on previous models, but the manufacturer has put many improved devices and technology to follow market’s demands. Together with them, there are adjustable comfortable seats, which will get leather upholstery in higher trims.


The engine should be the most important thing on new 2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid, due to long researching and improve in Toyota factory. Now we got the cheaper version with the nickel-metal battery in the base model, and stronger, lighter but more expensive lithium-ion one in higher trim versions. All of them are matched with the classic 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, proven on old models of this car. However, CEO of Toyota, Jim Lentz, said that this car should be not only faster and better in driving, but it should have much better fuel efficiency, with almost 50 mpg combined, which is unexpectedly high even for hybrids sedans. Time will say if they were right.

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid – Image Souce: Car and Driver

2018 Toyota Camry Hybrid Price

First information from Toyota says that base model could cost around $33,135 (source: Car and Driver) but we will see how much will cost higher trim options with a lithium-ion battery.

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