2018 Toyota Century Concept – Tokyo Motor Show

2018 Toyota Century is an old classic car in new cloth, redesigned but with the same details which made it popular back in past. Even though it is a new model, you will recognize similarities with classic elegance like on Caterham Seven or Land Rover Defense. That is quite opposite of the main theme on next Toyota Auto Show when this famous manufacturer will represent mostly futuristic and high-tech fascinating prototypes. This is also much different from things Toyota usually made. However, this vehicle breaks the boundaries in elegant car industry making a luxury car in overall but as well in details.


2018 Toyota Century – Image Source: Motor1

Although 2018 Toyota Century is a new car model, made to be different from the old model, there are few glorious moments inherited from the old model. As a great shaped elegant large car, it now has a center of weight in the rear end, mostly due to heavy seats and equipment there. The front end, slightly shaped in square, has a dominant chromatic grille, rounded with the chromatic line. There are also two large LED lights on the sides, elegantly squared and set straight. Slightly sharpen rear end has classic lights and slightly raised bumper. There is an aluminum frame on the bottom of the car, too.


2018 Toyota Century Interior- Image Source: CNET

To be smoother and more comfortable, the cabin in 2018 Toyota Century is slightly inclined, so the seats provide gently and soft enjoyment and rest. When we speak about the rest, there is special footrest on the front seats, so passengers behind can put their feet there. Seats are wrapped in wool, which is opposite from every other elegant wrapped-in-leather cabins on the market, like in Mercedes S-Class or Audi A8s. Do not worry about the wool, you still may choose leather if you prefer it. Being longer than the previous model, Century provides more space inside. There will be offered devices like 20-speaker audio system, air control, and massage on the seats as well.


The engine in a car as 2018 Toyota Century has to be special and this time it is 5.0-liter V8 with the hybrid unit connected with petrol one. It is important to say that whole car has improved the system of blind-split monitoring systems when the car has dark glasses and net drawn on the rear window.

2018 Toyota Century Concept Release Date and Price

Some luckier who has a chance to drive 2018 Toyota Century speaks about the writing table as a part of the entertainment equipment. Taking all in mind, we are happy to see how Toyota made it on next Toyota Auto Show.

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