2018 Toyota Corolla – Sedan that will not fail you

2018 Toyota Corolla is inspiring us in every detail. With a futuristic design which is elegantly fit with its chromed front mask and piercing LED lights, it is a big improvement in a segment of a premium class of car. We will discover a lot of safety improvements, and a lot of helpful ads, which can make the drive better and more interesting.


The exterior of this magnificent classy car is well known, but with some modifications in a way to improve the efficient. It is more curved in a way to take wind resistance to a very small percentage. Lights are just a piece of chromed part between hood and grill, but provide us a pervasive LED lights. The grill is put low, in order to minimize wind persistence, and in same time improve fuel efficient. Fog lights are put on the edge of the front bumper, in order to show better transparency. Back of 2018 Toyota Corolla is designed with style, but also like an engineered hit in way of design. Backlights are not so wide, but they are little thinner and wider to be better seen from behind. Also, backlights are designed half on the trunk, half on rest of the car body.


Interior of 2018 Toyota Corolla is a big improvement in the way of intelligent design and bonded with extraordinary comfort which makes a driving of this car a lot of enjoying. In this vehicle, you can find a command that is very easy for using, both the command on the dashboard and the command on the steering wheel, as a multifunctional add. It is easy to connect to the internet with very well known Toyota Touch 2 with Go multimedia system. This all is providing with a 7 inch TFT monitor. Soft leather skin details on side of interior, on the dashboard and of course in seats, makes comfort improved to a high level.


A bid of engines of 2018 Toyota Corolla is quite big. The first offer is a 1.33-liter engine with 99 horsepower, and 16-valve DOHC and with dual VVT-I. Next, we have a 1.6 liter 16-valve DOHC motor with dual VVT-I, and 132HP. Then there is a 1.4 liter 8-valve SOHC motor type with 90 horsepower. All of this engines are based on a low emission of CO2.Transmission is 6-speed changing, for all the announced models.

2018 Toyota Corolla Price

2018 Toyota Corolla is a model of car which lives trough it legend, knows all worldwide. With it well-known line and performance, it will be quite and enjoy in riding it. The price of this car is going to be in the range of $15,000 to $21,000 for better equipment vehicle.

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