2018 Toyota Fj Cruiser – Toyota FT-4X concept

2018 Toyota Fj Cruiser – Toyota FT-4X Concept is a combination of Toyota FJ Cruise, new HR-C, Honda Element and Scion XB. Even though it sounds impossible, the manufacturer actually got the most interesting and useful parts from these cars, making a sporty vehicle for young campers, who do not need large and strong trucks, but small and cute, but the practical vehicle, with additions to help for those who are often outdoors. Many buyers will skip this rouged charmed truck at first glance, but let say that Toyota’s goals are to make durable, usable and simple (but charm) car for younger buyers. This new FT-4X concept is like FJ for the urban jungle, will it be the end of Fj cruiser like Toyota already announced, or this FT-4X will continue like Fj successor, we have to wait and see.


We should not turn the head from Toyota FT-4X Concept before we hear everything about the design and cargo options. Made on Toyota New Global Architecture C-Platform, this small car promises perfect features in the small package. First of all, it has an interesting front end, made in orange and white color, with small and simple lights and wide mesh plastic protection on the bottom. Even it is almost square, with flat door and simple ends; it has numerous curves and lines so the car becomes attractive and interesting. Even though the car looks simple and small, it has impressive cargo space in the extended truck, finished with flat door and also plastic protection.


The cabin of 2018 Toyota Fj Cruiser – FT-4X Concept is literally made for outdoor lovers, with not many details and additions, but functional with added equipment for camping. There is a simple dashboard, separated on two, with the separated speedometer on driver’s side. The passenger’s side has also separated glove box and box for self-phone, with many pockets for equipment. In between the passengers is the bag for sleeping, but packed so it could be used as an armrest on driving and there are adjustable two seats only. However, the manufacturer has put some technology in this car, so you could see a large touchscreen behind the wheel and many buttons below it.


It is not for sure yet which engine will be placed in 2018 Toyota Fj Cruiser – Toyota FT-4X Concept as the manufacturer has not announced is that will be strong and competitive engine or something useful and simple for camping and outdoor driving. It is highly expected that it could be a small four-cylinder engine or something similar to that.

2018 Toyota Fj Cruiser Release Date and Price

As 2018 Toyota Fj Cruiser – Toyota FT-4X Concept is not in factory yet we cannot say how much it will cost, but it should not be an expensive car as the manufacturer has promised.

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