2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept – New Celica, or something totally new?

2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept should be the most intriguing car on next Tokyo Auto Show, not only because of design but interesting engine option and some new commands and technical resolutions. Many people will recognize old model Toyota GT86, while other will be sure in design and shape of Lamborghini Reventon, that old fashionable sporty car, and they will right, but in some details. It has recognizable chassis and shape of the cabin, but most of the things are completely different and represent the future in the car industry. Wait to see what they have planned so far, but keep in mind that those are just indications.


As we said, the shape and design of 2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept is similar to Toyota GT86 or even as Supra, MK1, MK2, and MR2. It also has some similarities with Le Mans cars and in some details with Mirai and LMP1 racer on the rear end. On the other hand, it is wider and longer than any other sporty car, with large LED front lights separated on three and special Targa roof, so the middle of the car is uncovered but protected with special additions. Wide air intake on the bottom of the front end proves high velocity of this sporty car. As hybrid engine will be placed in the middle of the car and petrol unit is on the front, the car has interesting weight distribution, providing better engine performances.


The cabin in 2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept is like a boxy coupe, but equipment is not known by now.


There are many speculations about the engine in 2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept, but we are sure that it will be 1.8-liter petrol engine in combination with an electric unit. This time, however, a hybrid engine is designed for great performances, speed, and acceleration, and not for fuel economy as usual. We have concluded that by the size of the vehicle, as we are sure that this sized car cannot swallow strong and large vehicle with 1,000 horsepower, even though we expected that at first. However, the most interesting thing about this engine will be a manual gearbox, which has two options, to be automatic as well as manual, with optional changing on the button which should be in the cabin. It could be a six-speed version, but changing of the speeds and types of the gearbox will be controlled differently than any other transmission by now.

2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept Release Date and Price

We are sure that you are highly interested in to see how 2018 Toyota GR HV Sports Concept will look like, so for other information visit Tokyo Auto Show in October.

(Image SOurce: Net Car Show)

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