2018 Toyota Mirai Review and Price

There is quite a lot competition between car auto manufacturers when we are talking about hydrogen cars. The new 2018 Toyota Mirai is one of them, but designer’s effort and succeeds in a way to improve its new car, and step it up in the ladder. This model has quite a remarkable design and the unique look, combined with classic Toyota look and with more aggressive unusual design as well.


The exterior of this new 2018 Toyota Mirai is quite an impressive. The style of this car is very stylish, and going to show some revolutionary design solutions. The front looks more aggressive with it three-way grille and well shaped triangular air intake which are more noticeable with chrome and aluminum details and a silver line that gives a certain dose of seriously. Strong LED lights are put on a side of the hood and designed thin. The exterior is well shaped and without sharpening curves, but still this show elegance. The overall look is very massive, and gives some look as a muscular car. This look we must add an offer of a 17 inches alloy wheels as a standard equipment, in six different colors.


The interior of this 2018 Toyota Mirai is very spacious in any area, and make all of five passengers feel very comfortable, and designers have left plenty of space for cargo as well. Seats are covered in leather, and they are also adjustable to increase comfort even on longer distances. The dashboard is well and modern designed, with a big TFT touchscreen centered on a console. This monitor provides us information such as hydrogen gas stations, which is important for these car owners. Also, on the monitor, we can see many kinds of connectivity such as Bluetooth and the internet via WI-FI. Also, on the monitor, there is an advanced GPS system. Safety ads in this vehicle include blind spot monitors and pre-collision warning, and lane departure assistance as well.


The engine in this 2018 Toyota Mirai is quite a remarkable product. It is going to be powered by hydrogen fuel cells system, and it will come with only one-speed direct drive transmission. This model will have 150 horsepower produced only by an electric engine. Top speed is going to be 110mph, and acceleration to 60mph is going to reach in 9 seconds. The fully fueled engine is going to have the range for about 300 miles, but interesting thing is that the feeling is going to take only five minutes. One more interesting thing is that the Toyota Company offers free fueling of this model up to three years.

2018 Toyota Mirai Release Date and Price

The new 2018 Toyota Mirai is probably going to be revealed in the late months of 2017, but only in few markets, anticipated for places where it is going to be useful. Along to it fuel economy efficient, the price is probably going to start with $60,000 which is a lot of many opinions but still sustain by many customers that care about minimizing a gas spending.

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