2018 Toyota Supra – 2017 Tokyo Auto Show

It seems that some things are never boring, and that is a case with the new 2018 Toyota Supra. There are many photos by now about the new Supra from Toyota, mostly from the test driving, so we can say that we know something about that new model. We spied Supra, watched all test driving and assumed how it will look like. And yet, we cannot confirm all details. However, there are some photos and expectations by now, so we will share what we know. Expect many novelties in it, mostly in term of the design, while the engine option and the numbers about it are still not known.


The spy photos, in combination with the details we saw on designers driving boards (with their permission, of course) we can say that many of things about the 2018 Toyota Supra we actually know from the spy photos. It seems that thin cover from the last photos is not enough to protect it from our looks. It will be similar to the Toyota 86, meaning close to the popular Formula FT-1 concept. It means unique front end with two large and wide air vents on the sides, protected with the metal on the top and rounded hood lowered at the front end. The side of the car, as well as the roof and the hood, are deeply curved following the design of sporty cars. The rear end has an obvious addition on the truck door like spoiler with the thicker middle part, while the rear lights suppose to be thin and incorporated in truck line. Bottom of the bumper is wide and the rear end is upper than the front end.


Spy photos have not left to us many details, so assuming that 2018 Toyota Supra is made for younger class desperately eager for the speed and fast driving, we expect sporty seats and only needed equipment. We saw large touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard trough the window on spy photos, but even the manufacturer is not sure what he will offer in a new car for now.


The engine in 2018 Toyota Supra is still a mystery. We do not know if Toyota will add a hybrid model or only a petrol one. According to the people closest to the manufacturer, we should expect twin-turbocharged V6 engine connected with the one or even two electric engines.

2018 Toyota Supra Release Date and Price

As we have heard, 2018 Toyota Supra will be showed for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. We should be patient until then. Price is still unknown, there are many spaculation, but our humble opinion is that will be around $80,000.

(Image: Motor1)

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