2018 Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept – Minivan and SUV

2018 Toyota TJ Cruise Concept is one of two vehicles which Toyota will show on next Tokyo Auto Show in October, as a combination of the functional van with large and modern SUV. The manufacturer has not made a mistake with this interesting vehicle, whatsoever. There is a large hiatus on van’s market, mostly because SUVs take their places, but people still want something which can be used for a heavy load and also be used in everyday circumstances. So, the manufacturer connected both – work (toolbox) and joy, making the name TJ. Now, it becomes a car for multiple lifestyles.


Even though 2018 Toyota TJ Cruise Concept is made on, well known for Toyota drivers, TNGA platform, following FT-4X Concept, it has many changes and differences from the old Toyota SUVs. However, do not expect a classic FT-4X Concept explorer, this time it is literally a van, with large chassis, squared shape and slide doors. Its flat doors, with no curves, flat roof and truck door, in combination with large mesh front grille and rounded front and rear lights come as a perfectly shaped combination for users who love to carry heavy cargo in the cars.


After we looked inside of the 2018 Toyota TJ Cruise Concept, we are sure that this vehicle is made for younger buyers and for different usages. The main goal of the manufacturer to make functional van for the heavy load is clearly visible in the cabin, mostly thanks to the quality materials resistant to dusting and scratching. All over the walls of the cabin are anchors for ropes, making the van capable of tying in case you have large books. Finally, all seats, except those on the front, can be reclined, so the whole cabin can become a traditional van for a heavy load. However, there are sliding doors and accessible stairs that make entering easier.


As we said, the vehicle is made mostly for younger buyers, so they will notice greatest advantages of this engine. It is known that 2018 Toyota TJ Cruise Concept will get 2.0-liter petrol four-cylinder engine paired with a hybrid part, but even though other information has not been shared by now, we expect high results on driving test and in terms of fuel economy and CO2 emission.

2018 Toyota Tj Cruiser Concept Release Date and Price

Those who liked 2018 Toyota TJ Cruise Concept and think that it can be an interesting investment for the future will be able to see it on next Toyota Auto Show. It is for sure that it could replace popular models like Toyota Sienna in terms of functionality.

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