2019 Lexus RX450h

2019 Lexus RX450h should be, as all Lexus RX models, highly popular seven-seat crossover SUV for all purposes and usages. As the last model has undergone significant changes, the new one should adopt most of the features from it. However, there are planned to be many new details, so the new model should be as much attractive as the old ones. As the old model moved the main design more to the luxury and elegant models, the sporty part is now visible only in details. So, next time when we see Lexus RX it should be a luxury crossover.


As the last model is significantly changed, the new 2019 Lexus RX450h was not been redesigned in some parts at all, while other details are changed only in details. The front end has recognizable rhomboidal Lexus’s grille, with chromatic grids and frame around it. There are two thin LED lights on the ends of it, with LED line on the bottom of them as daily lights. The highly positioned rear end has classic crossover’s shape, with modernly designed rear lights and few lines as decorations. The wheelbase is wider in two inches, so the car is stable and has better ground visibility. There will be offered several versions with more details and decoration.


Being a large car with seven perfectly adjustable seats, 2019 Lexus RX450h offers greatly wide space for tall passengers in the roomy and comfortable cabin. Together with a 12.3-inch touchscreen, there is interesting dashboard with the cleverly designed instrument cluster, so the driver should not have a problem to reach every button. That part of the dashboard is made in shape of the cloud, to avoid gearshift which is highly positioned on the dashboard. Together with chromatic details come woody and dark grey pieces.


There should be offered two engines in new 2019 Lexus RX450h. first is an average model, already seen on Lexus cars, 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine matched with 8-speed automatic transmission with 300 horsepower of strengths. The second engine is 3.3-liter V6 with five-speed automatic transmission and more sporty features. There are planned to be offered a hybrid version with electric engine paired with one of those two, but specifications are not available yet.

2019 Lexus RX450h Release Date and Price

Even though base model 2019 Lexus RX450h costs around $39,000, there is a long list of features and equipment that could be added to the base model and increase the price for even $7,000. It is expected that this Lexus will be on the market at the end of the year.

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