2019 Scion IM Concept

2019 Scion IM Concept represents a long-awaited change that has been needed for this car line, after the terrible seasons with old models. Some of them were literally awkward or made with unclear details. That is why FR-S sports car has been popular only among those who like extremely different designed cars, while odd IQ minicar was not interesting to buyers. Chubby XB hatchback, on the other hand, is not designed to attract attention at all.
It is obvious that time for sporty hatchback is coming back. We are convinced that people will want to buy a car like that in years to come, mostly thanks to the high popularity of the models like Ford and Mazda was made and represented on Auto Shows last year. After the new VW Golf has been released we are sure that there should be offered something from Toyota. That is new 2019 Scion IM Concept or it is supposed to be. However, for us who knows how new Toyota Auris looks like and how much old Scion characteristics adopted before, that should not be a big surprise as all. They already used it before. This borrowing lent in both directions, so we were able to see how old Scions had some details already seen on Toyota cars. You can surely recall famous models XB and XA that were almost the same as some Toyota models. The same situation was with FR-S model, too.

So, when this Scion was showed on 2014 LA Auto Show everybody was satisfied. Let’s see why.


According to Toyota’s plans, 2019 Scion IM Concept should be the same in size as current XB model, but more handsome and attractive. Besides that, it gets 19-inch wheels, an adjustable sports suspension, and four-piston front brake.



Although the manufacturer said that European versions of 2019 Scion IM Concept will have a wide range of petrol and diesel engines, we believe that two of them dominate. First is a 2.0-liter engine with the six-speed transmission as on new Auris while the second one is Toyota’s classic, 2.4-liter four-cylinder petrol unit.

2019 Scion IM Concept Release Date and Price

If you liked all we said about the new 2019 Scion IM Concept, you should hurry and buy it. As the manufacturer said, they will stop production after the next New York Auto Show next year. However, the manufacturer planned to start with few new models like crossover and new sporty subcompact sedan as a part of the mini productions in years to come.

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