2019 Toyota Supra – News and Info

For those who follow novelties from Toyota, representing 2019 Toyota Supra is nothing new. Firstly announced in 2011, Supra has survived many changes and prototypes, seen on spy photos and test driving. As Toyota has started cooperation with BMW, the new Supra is planned to be made on their famous Z4 platform for the future. The first change from last prototypes is that name Supra will be added on European models and it should be a sports car. Together with that, Toyota revealed a new video made in Nurnberg where new Supra is seen with many changes in design, but obviously in the engine, because this car sounds as it has V6 under the hood.


As the first difference from the last model is represented extended hood and lower chassis, which puts the gravity much lower than on the last model and shred the weight in order to provide higher speed and stability. 2019 Toyota Supra has an interesting sporty design, borrowed from the concept, which we recognized at first glance. That includes bubble-double roof, extended front end, with soft but wide front bumper, wide front glass, and muscular rear fenders. The rear end looks short and flat, but with sharp edges and visibly wide rear lights. As the manufacturer said, there have used multiple materials like with carbon fiber among them to provide light weight and faster car in that way, together with the lower position of the chassis.


2019 Toyota Supra – Image Source: road and track

The manufacturer covered everything he can during test driving, so we were not able to see the design in the cabin of 2019 Toyota Supra. We expect the same level of luxury and comfort, together with the last generation of technique as equipment.


As we said and heard on the video, 2019 Toyota Supra obviously has some type of V6 or a turbocharged inline-four petrol engine. We are not informed about other details.

2019 Toyota Supra Conclusion and Price

Making the new 2019 Toyota Supra represents the starting of new cooperation with BMW as well as selling the factory in Europe, in Graz, Austria, where is the company led by Magna Steyr. Besides the better design, there is the more important reason for that step and that is saving money. We will see how that cooperation will look like in the future, but they promise much more novelties after the Supra. As the matter of fact, there are rumors that new Supra actually starts the new sub-brand called Gazoo. Either way, the new Supra should cost around $55,000, as the other cars in the class.

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