2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid

2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is just an addition to growing class of hybrid cars that Toyota is planned to start in years to come. That is an answer to the competitions, which also aim to make as many hybrid cars as is possible. The reason is pretty obvious. The Economic crisis and fuel lacking which together with struggling to protect the environment caused changes in the automotive industry. Manufacturers now have a mission to make economic cars that protect the environment and not fast and strong engines anymore. As Toyota showed this car on Geneva Auto Show, we will not wait for a long to see this model on the streets.


Even though the new 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is made on already known Toyota platform and design, it has more inches in width and length, but keeping the same weight and space inside of the cabin. It is shaped to be more aerodynamic, but also to look as old model that buyer recognize. The front end and grille are slightly changed, mostly thanks to the large rhomboidal gridded grille. There are modernized LED lights and rounded fog lights. Front lights connect thin line shaped in letter V and incorporated under the hood line. The rear end is flat and simple, with modernized rear lights and small decorations.



The base engine in 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid is 1.5-liter petrol unit with a set of powerful batteries. The engine is called Hybrid Synergy Drive and it is already seen in the simplest version in current Auris. Both engines produce around 100 horsepower and measure much lower fuel consumption than any engine on the market. The manufacturer has not put a complicated transmission, choosing simple automatic transmission as on any other petrol engine. Even that sounds unbelievable, the engine should be much better than on current Prius, a founder of hybrid engines. It is worthy of mentioning that manufacturer made a lightweight car, mostly of aluminum that improves energy performances of the engine, too.

2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid Release Date and Price

As manufacturer promised, 2019 Toyota Yaris Hybrid should be on the market (firstly in Europe) during the summer of 2018. The price is still not known, but it will not be much different from the competitors, like Honda Jazz Hybrid. As we heard, this car is not only cheaper than previous models but also need much less maintenance, thanks to the changing technology. The car has no generator, starter, and belt to produce torque. All of these decrease the price of the car.

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