2020 Lexus IS

2020 Lexus IS

2020 Lexus IS is a continuation of the famous model from the also famous class, and possibly the last version of the model in the class. According to some rumors, the manufacturer could replace the IS and GS model with the new ES lines of the electric crossovers, along with the upgraded UX model. This means that the manufacturer has decided to follow the new market’s expectations, where more and more people use to buy large crossovers and not sporty sedans anymore. Whatever it happens, we are sure that this version has so many things to offer for the last showing up.


2020 Lexus IS review

There are no photos of the 2020 Lexus IS so far, so we actually do not know how much (and if) it will be changed in the future. We expect the same shape and design of the parts of the model, including great wide front bumper, along with the modern LED front lights and wide bottom of the front end. The rear end is as on sporty sedans but squared with wide trunk door.


2020 Lexus IS interior

The manufacturer has not shared the photos of the interior of 2020 Lexus IS yet, so we can only have a clue how it should look like. We know that this manufacturer always has great cabins with modern and quality materials and surely the best equipment in the class.


Do not forget that the last models had strong 416-horsepower petrol engine with increasing time of even 4.7-seconds. That version existed on the market from 2006, and it is about time to see something new in that field. However, the engine in 2020 Lexus IS should be 3.5-liter V6 that the manufacturer used in strong and large vehicles, like Toyota Tacoma or Toyota Avalon. It should have 400 horsepower of strength and come matched with eight-speed and ten-speed automatic transmission. However, the thanks to the wider wheels and larger brakes, along with the stiffer suspension, it should be easier for driving at higher speed.

2020 Lexus IS front

2020 Lexus IS  Release Date and Price

Even though there are expectations that 2020 Lexus IS could be the last model that exists, nobody actually confirmed that. The reason is good selling season of this model before, and surely high expectations from this version, though. Whatever happens in the future, this model has been improved since the first version of it was shown in 2015. It is not a short time of period and the manufacturer surely has not done that to show one-year version model and nothing more. Expect this model at beginning of 2019 for the price of at least $30,000.


  • The model has a strong and fast engine.
  • There is a great safety system for faster safety driving.


  • We do not know much about the equipment inside it.
  • The manufacturer announced replacing the model with another one.

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