2020 Toyota Alphard

2020 Toyota Alphard front

Although announced as redesigned, 2020 Toyota Alphard comes as much more than that. There are significant changes in engine, as well as great changes in cabin equipment. Only the price should be the same as last year.


  • The model has no many changes in the cabin.
  • Design of the model could be repulsive for some people.


  • The model is slightly redesigned.
  • There are great engines under the hood.


As one of the most attractive mini-vans, 2020 Toyota Alphard will attract attention on the roads again. However, it will be way different from the Toyota Sienna, mostly in the shape of the chassis. There are again great curved lines on the sides and front end. The new Alphard is much lowered, being more stable and larger, easy for entering and surely wider for the whole family that could be driven inside.


2020 Toyota Alphard interior

The 2020 Toyota Alphard inside retains the same shape and design. It is well-known mini-van with the luxury package in a large cabin. However, it is not known how those eight seats will be redesigned, or adjusted to larger passengers. When it comes to the larger passengers, it should be wide enough for a taller person, and commodity has always been out of questions in these vehicles. The manufacturer announced numerous changes in technology, like the Pre-Collision system, lane departure alert and advance car start notification system. All are collected in Toyota Sense Safety Package.


2020 Toyota Alphard rear

As one of the main changes in 2020 Toyota Alphard the manufacturer named the new engine that it will get. However, it is not a strange engine for Toyota fans. According to the manufacturer, it should be 3.5-liter V6 improved and boosted from the last version. We know that it is a model that Toyota Highlander already use, as well as much larger truck Toyota Tacoma.

In comparison with the last year model, it should get 20 horsepower more so this version has 300 horsepower of strength. This, however, does not mean that the manufacturer has dropped the version with 2.5-liter four-cylinder that last year model had. It will still run 180 horsepower of strength. there could be found a hybrid version as well, which should have 150 horsepower of strength.

2020 Toyota Alphard Release Date and Price

Even though the manufacturer announced that 2020 Toyota Alphard will be released at beginning of this year, it still has not happened. However, since there are no many changes in the design of the car, it is for sure that the price will not be much changed from the last year model. It means at least $55,000 for the base model. We are sure that buyers in Japan will accept those changes again and drive this car as before.

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