2020 Toyota GT86 Convertible

2020 Toyota GT86 Convertible

The year 2020 is definitely going to bring some serious redesigns and keenly anticipated next-generation vehicles to their fans. One of those has been the well-known 2020 Toyota GT86 Convertible. Besides the GT86, the Japanese carmaker has been planning to release some other popular sports models soon, such as its cousin Toyota Supra. All of them should apply a new design language and show some serious updates under the hood as well.


2020 Toyota GT86 Convertible review

Although it hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, we may wait for 2021 to see the next-generation Toyota GT86. Be that as it may, before that major redesign, we could first see some minor refreshments and updates in a year or two. Nothing revolutionary should be expected in terms of look. The 2020 GT86 Convertible will rather keep that familiar race-inspired look with a long aerodynamic hood and a short rear end. This sports coupe will use some lightweight materials for its chassis and being topless should only add up to its acceleration, efficiency and performance. The GT86 will stand on 18-inch alloy wheels and seem more attractive and appealing to its fans. The car will also use the latest LED technology for its headlights with daytime running lights as well as the taillights in the back.


Although there haven’t been any official details about the interior of the 2020 Toyota GT86 Convertible, our team, as well as the fans, can mostly guess what it is going to look like. Its sporty interior should reveal the traditional combination of race-inspired details and some more elegant features. The coupe should keep its 2+2 seating configuration with the front seats being comfortable and supportive, especially at high speeds. The Japanese company should use some high-quality materials such as leather and chrome but also some lightweight ones such as carbon fiber. Other updates are expected in terms of technology and safety so the driver should hope for a smaller information display in the instrument cluster as well as a larger infotainment touch-screen in the center console with the latest high-tech features and connectivity options.


2020 Toyota GT86 Convertible engine

Under the hood, the 2020 Toyota GT86 should offer more than one engine choice. Although still a mystery, the fans expect at least its current two options – a base 1.5-liter four-cylinder and an optional 2.0-liter four-cylinder that hits up to 200 horsepower. We are still waiting for some official information. However, the next-generation GT86, that will probably hit the market in 2021, is expected to use a larger, possibly 2.4-liter four-cylinder with much more power and torques.

2020 Toyota GT86 Convertible back

2020 Toyota GT86 Convertible Release Date and Price

At the moment, the release date of the new Toyota GT86 Convertible is definitely a mystery. We could probably wait until 2021 to see its next-generation model. The price details haven’t been officially confirmed either, but this car should start around $30,000.


  • a true sports car experience
  • more than one engine option
  • affordable.


  • lots of details still not confirmed.


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