2020 Toyota Mirai

2020 Toyota Mirai front

2020 Toyota Mirai should be the first car that is fully driven by hydrogen engine, but for a favorable price and for mass production. It is not that simple, thus, but the manufacturer claim that is a future of the car industry. It seems that Toyota is one of those manufacturers that invest in these cars for the future.


  • There is a new and great hydrogen engine.
  • The model is very cheap for the technology it offers.


  • It looks a bit rough.
  • There is no information about the equipment in the cabin.


2020 Toyota Mirai grile

There should be interesting changes in the design of 2020 Toyota Mirai, but all of them are in futuristic details mostly on the front end. There are expected similarities with the Toyota Camry since Toyota’s designers made it be similar to the famous sedan.

On the other hand, there are many details taken from not widely known Toyota Crown, a car specially made for the Japanese market. However, expect curved and impressive front end, along with modernly designed lights and wide and slightly sloped roof. The car is made on new TNGA platform.


2020 Toyota Mirai Interior

Not only that the cabin in 2020 Toyota Mirai is modern and well-designed, but it is also made of quality materials only. On the seats, you will find great thick leather made in dark grey color. The wide dashboard has chromatic lines and decorations, while the steering wheel is a combination of the sportiness and luxury. As the best for this car is futuristic equipment that the manufacturer is planning to offer.


2020 Toyota Mirai engine

Like any other futuristic car, 2020 Toyota Mirai will try to reconcile two sides. One is a very expensive and almost impossible acceptable price for the hydrogen engine model, while the other one is to make a car that is acceptably economical for a wide range of usage. As the matter of fact, Mirai should be the first hydrogen electric car for mass production which will have a price that ever buyer could accept.

One of the engineers in Toyota said that they will decrease the use of expensive materials, like platinum for the engine, which will cause dropping in price, too. When it comes to the driving, the new engine could be able to drive 460 miles per charging, while by 2025 it should achieve 600 miles per charging.

2020 Toyota Mirai Release Date and Price

2020 Toyota Mirai rear

For the car that has pretty futuristic plans and aims, 2020 Toyota Mirai should have a very low price. It should cost around $35,000 to $40,000 for the base model, which is, let us be an honest, very low price for the cars in this class. However, the final releasing date has not been confirmed so far, and there are people that expect it later this year or even at Christmas 2020. Whatever it happens, new Mirai moves the boundaries in this segment.

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