2020 Toyota Prius

2020 toyota prius front

The manufacturer has decided to make 2020 Toyota Prius prettier and more attractive. Even they have found out that Prius, no matter how modern and futuristic, is still – ugly. However, along with the changes in design, there were small changes in the cabin and equipment. The safety package is the best in class, as always.


  • The model is obviously improved in design.
  • There is a great cabin.


  • There is an old engine under the hood.
  • The model is hard for driving if you do not find the best combination of the equipment for particular terrain.


2020 Toyota Prius Redesign

2020 Toyota Prius comes slightly changed, mostly in details and fine lines on the corners. The manufacturer has polished front and rear end, making it softener with rounded edges and soft lines. It could be easily mixed up with the Toyota Corolla, at least with sedan-like version. However, the manufacturer has dropped out labeling of the trims with the numbers as before, changing it with the classical for L Eco, LE, XLE, and Limited that we used to see in Toyota models. There should be more color options, too.


2020 Toyota Prius interior

The cabin in 2020 Toyota Prius can compete with the highest class of the cars like Lexus IS. There is very gentle and luxury leather on the seats and dashboard, great wide chromatic lines and more than the impressive wide dashboard. The part of it that surely attract attention is a center cluster with large touchscreen, wide frame around it and numerous commands and buttons below. The manufacturer has not been so talkative about the equipment, but we know that driving systems are among the best. You will be able to change the driving system by buttons in the cabin – from city to snow, ice etc.


2020 toyota prius rear

The manufacturer has not changed much under the hood of 2020 Toyota Prius. It is a hybrid on the 1.8-liter petrol base that produces 121 horsepower and 105 pound-feet of torque. Those who drove it say that it is very easy for handling and has acceptably gentle sound on a higher speed. The model is offered in two versions, like front and all-wheel driving system, both great for the specific usage, but not that great in other circumstances. Other word saying, the all-wheel driving system is great for the snowy and icy roads, but not that well in fuel economy.

2020 Toyota Prius Release Date and Price

2020 Toyota Prius remains the popular favorable hybrid car for a wide range of buyers, that is for sure. The price of $27,300 for the base model is more than acceptable for this sedan. They have already shown the first official photos of this car, so releasing is already happened. Aside from the mentioned weaknesses, it is pretty much acceptable modern car for the future, which could compete with many new hybrid and electric cars on the market.

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