2018 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2018 Toyota Highlander Hybrid represents an important step Toyota makes towards new SUV’s market. It is exclusively fast-growing and highly competitive segment nowadays and entering on that game results with the best-designed car with a most useful engine. That is all we saw on new Highlander, together with small changes in decorations and cabin equipment. However, some fans complain to maybe too robust shape and size, with old fashioned parts of the car, but let say that it is a big but functional truck for daily driving and long traveling with family. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Highlander Hybrid”

2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka

We have nothing else to say after we saw 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka than dreams come true, eventually. Even the short look at new Tonka will show you what we think about. The recognizable toy car from our childhood has grown up and you can actually sit in and drive, like an adult person! The manufacturer put recognizable yellow color on the frame, in combination with black, made it in recognizable shape and with famous decoration lines and added large, rough tires. Speaking about the manufacturer, it is Toyota Australia, who celebrates 80 years of existing this year so together with another celebratory, Tonka, made this amazing car. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka”

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2018 Toyota Aygo

2018 Toyota Aygo is primarily designed as a European car, and to be a far more different from all the competitors. Its changes are based more on exterior and comfort of the driver and passengers. This model shows us a lot of flexibility and a stylish production and without any doubt among numerous high ends designed a car from this company. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Aygo”

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2018 Toyota Estima

Although a crossbreeds and minivans are not everyone first chaise in decide which car to buy, we proudly represent to you a 2018 Toyota Estima, one of the leaders in minivans in the entire globe. It is the first choice for ones who have a big family and like to travel. But, there are also a lot of other things that this car can provide to customers, then just a traveling. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Estima”