2019 Toyota Innova

Knowing as a modern family vehicle, Innova now has a new version, called 2019 Toyota Innova, as an improved van for all types of drivers and purposes. With many changes new Innova (or Kijang Innova) now is even more attractive, with design and look as on many modern vans on the market we know for, but on known chassis and base. One of the first things we know that Toyota has been upgraded was Double Wishbone with coil spring and stabilizer up front while the rear end got four-link with coil spring and lateral road suspension which is placed on the rear end. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Innova”

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2019 Toyota Scion FR-S

Since the first announcing of enlarging the popular sporty model is planned to be made, nobody expected that we will wait for 2019 Toyota Scion FR-S so long. In case that you forgot, or you have never been able to hear their predictions, Toyota said that there are plans to make a sporty sedan, with a much longer wheelbase that can be used for family driving, but also as a classic sporty coupe. They need almost a decade to actually make a car like that, and now we have exactly described the model, a sedan with the coupe version, which is longer than any other sedans on the market. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Scion FR-S”

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2019 Lexus ES – is more curbed then GS sibling

2019 Lexus ES is a new, more aggressive, wider and longer version of the popular model from also the very popular manufacturer. Even though there were many things and details that manufacturer could change, it seems that they did not want to change things people from certain age love in this car. So it is still a long sedan, with little traditional lights and details and not many decorations, to not spoil the feeling of luxury and elegance, so well known on Lexus cars. However, extending of the wheelbase allowed more space for passengers and in the truck, which improved the looking of the car. All of these changes were needed after the ES series started to lose the game with RX and even with NX series, crossovers that were not as much popular as ES mid-size sedans in past few years. So, it was time to change something and as a result, the manufacturer has made this new version. Continue reading “2019 Lexus ES – is more curbed then GS sibling”

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2019 Toyota Yaris

Be prepared for a surprise with 2019 Toyota Yaris, that is shortly what the manufacturer promises. Even though we always expect some recognizable features under the name Yaris, this time we should expect a completely different model. As completely opposite from the previous models, which were usually known to their functionality and a wide range of usage, mostly for families and average daily driving, new Yaris will go further and be used as a rally car. That means not only changing in engine performances and strength but also changes in design, which has to follow the new usage of the car. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Yaris”

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2019 Toyota Venza

2019 Toyota Venza should be on the market as a redesigned and improved model, in spite of the rumors and speculations. Those rumors said that manufacturer will stop with the production of this model, mostly because of many similar models on the market nowadays, and particularly from the Toyota. Luckily, the rumors are not true, and Venza is not only on the market but has many novelties to offer to the buyers. Some of them are in terms of design, which are visibly changed, while the other ones are in cabin equipment and engine performances. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Venza”

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2019 Lexus RX450h

2019 Lexus RX450h should be, as all Lexus RX models, highly popular seven-seat crossover SUV for all purposes and usages. As the last model has undergone significant changes, the new one should adopt most of the features from it. However, there are planned to be many new details, so the new model should be as much attractive as the old ones. As the old model moved the main design more to the luxury and elegant models, the sporty part is now visible only in details. So, next time when we see Lexus RX it should be a luxury crossover. Continue reading “2019 Lexus RX450h”

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