2019 Toyota 4Runner

Although there is no official confirmation, rumors claim that 2019 Toyota 4Runner will be on the roads somewhere at the end of next year. There are few obvious changes from last models, while engine and driving performances are improved in order to keep the step with high demands of market and SUV class noticeably on high demand the last couple of years. However, 4Runner is not a new model at all. Being represented as the first model in 1984 this model counted more new buyers with every new model revealed, so this time it could be the reason for increasing the selling in years to come. Continue reading “2019 Toyota 4Runner”

2018 Toyota 4Runner Rumors and Predictions

As an attractive machine, mostly among the people who like large hatchbacks in their garages, 2018 Toyota 4Runner is that we could expect to be very popular in years to come. Even though some rumors said that we should expect a true unibody hatchback, there are no big chances that it will happen with this model. It is more likely that Toyota will stay on the same track with body-on-frame chassis, with some new details in aluminum and chrome and modern designed angles of the car. However, it will be a car for off-road driving, high speed, and comfortable traveling. Continue reading “2018 Toyota 4Runner Rumors and Predictions”

2017 Toyota 4Runner Review

It is not easy to be unique in SUV and crossovers market today, but 2017 Toyota 4Runner will surely take its place very soon. Thanks to some small changes it is different from other cars, and with engine performance, it has features to reach the top level on the list of SUV cars. If you are willing to buy a new truck, make sure that you need a truly off-road crossover, which offers only the best equipment for that purposes, while for people who are mostly city drivers this car is maybe too robust. However, there is offered a new trim version and some improvement in term of speed and stability. Continue reading “2017 Toyota 4Runner Review”