2019 Toyota GT-86 Convertible – Can We Expect It?

Since it was first released in 2011, the Toyota GT-86 has been making effort to improve its features and make the fans of sports cars satisfied. This is finally happening after they have decided to produce the second generation of this model for 2019. It will be the new GT-86 Convertible. Continue reading “2019 Toyota GT-86 Convertible – Can We Expect It?”

2019 Toyota GT-86 – Second-Gen GT 86 Confirmed!

According to the information we have got, the Toyota Company has officially confirmed that the new GT-86 is going to hit the market as a 2019 model. They decided to continue the production of the second-generation of this sports mid-size sedan and have announced the possible cooperation with Subaru. Here is all we know about new 2019 Toyota GT-86. Continue reading “2019 Toyota GT-86 – Second-Gen GT 86 Confirmed!”

2018 Toyota GT-86 convertible – Is it coming?

The new Toyota GT-86 convertible is designed as easy, using minor adjustments to show its elegance appearance. This is a very compact car with great engine, and it strives to enhance these qualities over anything else. Aspired with previous models and the demands of the market and demanding of customers, the designer showed us how imagination in manufacturing can be high. Continue reading “2018 Toyota GT-86 convertible – Is it coming?”

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2018 Toyota GT-86 – What To Expect

The new 2018 Toyota GT-86 is coming more quickly on the market than we think. It is actually a redesigned model from the earlier product, and has a few new modifications and added several things that are going to increase its performances. All of the manufacturer ideas put in this new model are very much worth of discussing. Continue reading “2018 Toyota GT-86 – What To Expect”

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2017 Toyota GT-86 Convertible – Rumors and Review


Known in two versions, as Scion and FR-S, the new 2017 Toyota GT—86 Convertible is released now as a sporty and fun car for younger buyers with not many demands in term of speed and driving performances, but willing to have a car which will everybody notice on the street. This car is well equipped as any other Toyota car, but it still has great details looking from the outside and very well designed and equipped cabin. So, before we say that this is one more car with a removable roof on the market, let see what Toyota have prepared for their new buyers. Continue reading “2017 Toyota GT-86 Convertible – Rumors and Review”

2017 Toyota GT86 – Street ready

When the old model Scion has been replaced with the 2017 Toyota GT86, nobody expected many changes in term of design and equipment, but more in engine strength and speed. Let say that there happened quite opposite. The new Toyota has been changed in design; it has great cabin design and equipment, while the engine is almost the same as in any other models in same class. But, let start from the beginning, how Toyota changed the exterior and what is new there, and then we will come to the most important – how the driving of this Toyota will look like. Continue reading “2017 Toyota GT86 – Street ready”