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2018 Toyota Alphard

Be prepared for a new minivan on the market, the new 2018 Toyota Alphard is on the road! As we could see at first glance, it will have all we need from the van. That means many modern details, great design, useful cargo space, comfortable cabin and optional hybrid engine. The list is not finished because Toyota announced new equipment inside of the car and the highest engine performances. However, it will be a favorable car for families, which cabin design implies, too. But, before we applaud for this car model, let see first what Toyota has prepared for us.…

2017 Toyota Alphard Rumors and Price


As the market of minivans is not enough surprising, there is 2017 Toyota Alphard to fulfill the market with something new and unexpected. But, before you start to thinking about the possible changes or engine solutions, let say that it is completely different in term of the outside design than other minivans we know by now, and it has many useful additions which will surely help drivers, but also to people with special needs. According to rumors, it will be on the market somewhere at the end of the year and it will have its buyers.…