2019 Toyota Auris – Next Generation

According to the information we have got and the recent spy photos of a prototype, it seems that there will be some great news for Toyota fans. A new Toyota Auris is going to hit the market as a 2019 model with its innovative and unique design. Experts have announced that you have not seen anything like this before. This is what we know so far about 2019 Toyota Auris. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Auris – Next Generation”

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2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid

Showing the new 2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid proves that the market of the small cars with the modern and attractive design is practically inexhaustible. Even there are many of the cars on the market with the similar design, equipment, and interesting decoration, the big manufacturer has not stopped with planning and making the same cars over and over again. With the new Auris, Toyota not only that gone further and better, but it showed that nothing is expectable when the small cars are in question. Interesting design from the outside is fulfilled with the quality equipment inside, which should be the biggest advantage. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Auris Hybrid”

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2018 Toyota Auris

Even though some of the Toyota fans expected a lot of changing in new Auris, 2018 Toyota Auris has been changed only in details and modernity, while recognizable style and well-known features are still there. According to the news from the factory and spy photos which have been a lot lately, the new Auris is still small and compact car with sharp edges and only needed details. The visible changes could be noticed only in term of cabin design and equipment, and that will surprise even the mistrustful buyers. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Auris”

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2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid Review and Price

As the last model released in 2012, we can say that it is time for new 2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid. Toyota still uses MC platform seen on Corolla in Japan, but there are changes in design and especially in a hybrid engine with follows all important standards and legislation. This model will be offered only as a five-door hatchback, but there will be higher sports trim. It is actually one of the few hatchbacks with a hybrid engine, which puts Toyota higher on the list of modern and well-sold cars. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Auris Hybrid Review and Price”

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2017 Toyota Auris Review – €209 per month

People know what Auris are the most popular brand Toyota world, with popular design, engine options, and always high buyers’ interests. The new 2017 Toyota Auris fulfills all expectations we might have from Auris models, and according to trusted commentators, there will be only a few novelties, mostly in outside design. Auris has always been in same class with Ford Focus, Skoda Octavia, Nissan Pulsar and Volkswagen Golf. With all we saw in this Auris, it will be a very big fight to keep a high place on the list with other competitors. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Auris Review – €209 per month”