2018 Toyota Avalon – Full-size Car

The new 2018 Toyota Avalon represents the special type of the luxury sedan made to be driven with the hybrid engine, which is not usual in this class. We expect to see smaller cars with the electric engine, but not such big and massive as Avalon is. However, knowing how much Toyota gave to the market of the hybrid engines, it is not strange to see many experiments in that field in the future. Avalon, on the other hand, is not an experiment and its engine and driving possibilities are much over the normal and expected in this class. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Avalon – Full-size Car”

2017 Toyota Avalon – Full Review

It seems that Toyota love to break limitations, and that surely do with 2017 Toyota Avalon, making the full-size sedan with a hybrid powertrain. It is not unusual for family mid-size cars from many manufacturers, but this is the first large car with the engine completely on batteries and electric power. Aside from that, there are some changes in outside design and rich high-tech system inside of the cabin, but that are not so many changes worth of pointing on. However, according to the prize and known details, we can say that new Avalon stays in the highest position on the list of luxury sedans. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Avalon – Full Review”