2019 Toyota Avensis – What we know so far

The 2019 Toyota Avensis concept was first revealed at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show in March. It has been rumored that since this model has not achieved any significant success in the European market, there is a possibility that Toyota will remove this model from it. However, the U.S. should be ready for a brand-new and redesigned Avensis. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Avensis – What we know so far”

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2017 Toyota Avensis Review and Price

As the new version of the old model, 2017 Toyota Avensis expects many assessments and evaluation. We can say that there are some things which are interesting in the new model, but also some of the features are disputable. In comparison with its main competitors like Skoda Superb and Ford Mondeo, Avensis is maybe too overrated and still has some troubles with design solutions. However, it is bigger and spacious in comparison with the Superb and Mondeo and has a better warranty. For those who like this manufacturer, Avensis is a great luxury option for every type of buyers. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Avensis Review and Price”