2018 Toyota CH-R – New Sub-RAV4 Crossover

Everything is simple with 2018 Toyota CH-R at first glance. Firstly the abbreviation stands for “Coupe, High riding”, which is actually the short name and description of this interesting small crossover. It seems that Toyota wanted to invest in small crossovers in the future, having in mind that this is not the first this model which Toyota redesigned. We all know for Corolla and Yaris redesigning so that is not a big surprise for us. It is better to say that it is the case in many other popular manufacturers, so we could be able to see changes in many crossovers. The main reason for that is many new and young buyers of these cars. Continue reading “2018 Toyota CH-R – New Sub-RAV4 Crossover”

2017 Toyota CH-R Review and Price

Toyota has recognized the opportunity to make a new, millennial model for the already crowded market of compact crossovers making a new 2017 Toyota CH-R. However, old Toyota fans will recognize the changing of the name in this car, which actually looks like the old Scion. They will be right, because Toyota decided to replace the old Scion cars with new ones, where CH-R is just one of them, together with the Yaris and Corolla. Toyota has not stopped only in changing the name, redesigning and changing everything which is possible to attract a new generation of the buyers. Continue reading “2017 Toyota CH-R Review and Price”