2019 Toyota FT-4X – New Fj Cruiser

Let be honest, we expected so much from 2019 Toyota FT-4X – New FJ Cruiser as a vehicle for younger buyers and mostly millennials, with many features made only for them and attractive design. However, we got ugly and simple small truck, with not many defined features and details and surely many unknown resolutions in design. After New York Auto Show we are not more confused, but also a little disappointed with this rough designed small truck. But, we will not be so strict as FJ Cruiser has many things to be proud of, including practical resolutions in cabin equipment and surely, planned details in exterior design to be added later. Continue reading “2019 Toyota FT-4X – New Fj Cruiser”

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2018 Toyota Fj Cruiser – Toyota FT-4X concept

2018 Toyota Fj Cruiser – Toyota FT-4X Concept is a combination of Toyota FJ Cruise, new HR-C, Honda Element and Scion XB. Even though it sounds impossible, the manufacturer actually got the most interesting and useful parts from these cars, making a sporty vehicle for young campers, who do not need large and strong trucks, but small and cute, but the practical vehicle, with additions to help for those who are often outdoors. Many buyers will skip this rouged charmed truck at first glance, but let say that Toyota’s goals are to make durable, usable and simple (but charm) car for younger buyers. This new FT-4X concept is like FJ for the urban jungle, will it be the end of Fj cruiser like Toyota already announced, or this FT-4X will continue like Fj successor, we have to wait and see. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Fj Cruiser – Toyota FT-4X concept”

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2017 Toyota FJ by Icon

For some old fans, the name 2017 Toyota FJ can sound awkward, knowing that official manufacturing and selling of this model stopped in 1983. That was the year when the last series FJ 45 with two doors and pickup design has been shown. However, there is an engineer, Jonathan Ward, who obviously loves Toyota trucks and now buys repairs and sells every truck Toyota made. This model has been waiting for a couple of years for debuting since Jonathan polished and changed details to make it perfect. Continue reading “2017 Toyota FJ by Icon”