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2020 Toyota Hilux Front

2020 Toyota Hilux

We know that redesign of 2020 Toyota Hilux is only one of the planned changes that Toyota is planning to make for the future, but it is still one of the most interesting, at least so far. We are not sure how much Hilux will be changed, but knowing how impressive plans Toyota has, it should be a very interesting mid-size truck in the future. The main change comes in term of technology and engine strength.

2019 Toyota Hilux Hybrid Rumors

A powerful truck with a classy design such as Toyota Hilux, will become more eco-friendly and efficient by getting its hybrid version as a 2019 model. According to the information we have got, the 2019 Toyota Hilux Hybrid will be a real next-generation truck aimed to rule the market once again and make its fans satisfied.…

2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka

We have nothing else to say after we saw 2018 Toyota Hilux Tonka than dreams come true, eventually. Even the short look at new Tonka will show you what we think about. The recognizable toy car from our childhood has grown up and you can actually sit in and drive, like an adult person! The manufacturer put recognizable yellow color on the frame, in combination with black, made it in recognizable shape and with famous decoration lines and added large, rough tires. Speaking about the manufacturer, it is Toyota Australia, who celebrates 80 years of existing this year so together with another celebratory, Tonka, made this amazing car. …

2018 Toyota Hilux – What we know so far

There was a while then the Toyota Company has decided to introduce a new model of this car. Finally, here comes the new 2018 Toyota Hilux, redesigned and quite improved. Although the same models are only known by rumors, all we know by now of this fine car is enough to say that this will be a revelation in this class of vehicles.…

2018 Toyota Hilux Hybrid Rumors and Speculations

The new 2018 Toyota Hilux Hybrid is the latest answer from manufacturers to the more required market and improved into the higher level. The new model is remarkable in his class, with the more aggressive look and improved interior, with redesigned exterior, and of course a quite big progress in the way of the engine.…

2017 Toyota Hilux Hybrid – Rummors or Real Deal?

2017 Toyota Hilux Hybrid shows that Toyota has big plans for the large vehicles made in their factory. Recognizing the future of the big cars, they have chosen to change existed models, instead of making completely new ones, attracting the old buyers together with those who will choose Toyota for their next shopping, even they have never thought about this manufacturer. That is why Hilux has many details in design and engine as the last models, but also many improvements and changes so they will be interesting for new buyers. Together with the petrol engine options, there will obviously be offered a hybrid one, with special features and options.…

2017 Toyota Hilux Review and Price

2017 Toyota Hilux is an extension of the well-known model established in 1968 and very popular among the particular type of the buyers. Most of them are those who like modern and attractive designed exterior, but approachable interior and comfort cabin, for an affordable price. They have nothing to complaint for robustness due to great possibilities of these large trucks. It seems that Toyota has decided to attract new buyers, though. Many of the features follow the modern design and futuristic look, which are popular in past years. We have a hard assignment to compare them with the cars in the same class and choose which of them are better and could be interesting.…