2018 Toyota Mirai Review and Price

There is quite a lot competition between car auto manufacturers when we are talking about hydrogen cars. The new 2018 Toyota Mirai is one of them, but designer’s effort and succeeds in a way to improve its new car, and step it up in the ladder. This model has quite a remarkable design and the unique look, combined with classic Toyota look and with more aggressive unusual design as well. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Mirai Review and Price”

2017 Toyota Mirai – Review and Price

2017 Toyota Mirai provides something which became a highly demanded feature on cars nowadays – zero gas emissions, thanks to the hydrogen as new engine and source of power for futuristic cars. It is not new on cars market, but Toyota prepared many novelties in this model, which follow the aim that in next decades cars became completely green and clear. However, it made many problems in constructing it, starting from the engine capacity (and weight of the car) to the price and unavailability of the hydrogen in any other country than the US. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Mirai – Review and Price”