2019 Toyota Prius C – Facelift and Redesign

According to the information out team has got, the smallest hybrid coming from Toyota is going to hit the market as a 2019 model. The new Prius C will not undergo any significant changes in terms of exterior and interior compared to the basic model, but it will certainly be more efficient and have a better fuel economy. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Prius C – Facelift and Redesign”

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2018 Toyota Prius V Rumors and Predictions

If we know what Toyota has planned to redesign the whole line of the cars, starting from the popular Prius, so 2018 Toyota Prius V is nothing new and unexpected. You will be able to see many versions of the same model, in C and V series and also as SUV version. Each of them has the special features and details which will be a sign of the recognition in the future, so basically, we are watching how the history is starting. However, V version of the Prius should be a very interesting hatchback for years to come, mostly because of the modern details it offers. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Prius V Rumors and Predictions”

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2018 Toyota Prius Prime – is a far better car than its plug-in hybrid predecessor

Since the current Prime is still on the market, the new 2018 Toyota Prius Prime is hardly much changed from this model. However, the fans expect modernized equipment and some changes in the cabin, while the engine might be improved, due to small horses on the present model, but that is still not confirmed. For our review, we used the information known from the current model, but also some rumors which we read on forums and in auto sites. So, keep in mind that many of those things are not confirmed yet by the manufacturer. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Prius Prime – is a far better car than its plug-in hybrid predecessor”

2018 Toyota Prius C Review and Price

New 2018 Toyota Prius C comes right in time to continue the competition with the new hybrid eco-friendly car models from the other car brands. Knowing as the first hybrid car on the market, Prius has a heavy task to keep the step with the modern cars in this class, so upgrading the old models and making the new ones is simply needed at this moment. However, Toyota has not disappointed us, this model has many improvements in term of the engine usage and environment safety, together with the known details, that even the new buyers will be interested in buying this vehicle. Continue reading “2018 Toyota Prius C Review and Price”

2017 Toyota Prius Prime Review

2017 Toyota Prius is a car to follows the tradition of Toyota’s green cars, but also to follow the market demands and buyers expectations. Everything is packed in new Prius which will surprise us days to come. For every people who love hybrid cars the name Prius is not a new one, as the matter of fact, it is the first and most popular hybrid on the market. That is an idea present in the new Prius, which puts together hybrid cars and petrol sedans for the very favorable price. Let see what Toyota made with the new, but popular model now. Continue reading “2017 Toyota Prius Prime Review”