2019 Toyota Scion FR-S

Since the first announcing of enlarging the popular sporty model is planned to be made, nobody expected that we will wait for 2019 Toyota Scion FR-S so long. In case that you forgot, or you have never been able to hear their predictions, Toyota said that there are plans to make a sporty sedan, with a much longer wheelbase that can be used for family driving, but also as a classic sporty coupe. They need almost a decade to actually make a car like that, and now we have exactly described the model, a sedan with the coupe version, which is longer than any other sedans on the market. Continue reading “2019 Toyota Scion FR-S”

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2019 Scion IM Concept

2019 Scion IM Concept represents a long-awaited change that has been needed for this car line, after the terrible seasons with old models. Some of them were literally awkward or made with unclear details. That is why FR-S sports car has been popular only among those who like extremely different designed cars, while odd IQ minicar was not interesting to buyers. Chubby XB hatchback, on the other hand, is not designed to attract attention at all.
It is obvious that time for sporty hatchback is coming back. We are convinced that people will want to buy a car like that in years to come, mostly thanks to the high popularity of the models like Ford and Mazda was made and represented on Auto Shows last year. After the new VW Golf has been released we are sure that there should be offered something from Toyota. That is new 2019 Scion IM Concept or it is supposed to be. However, for us who knows how new Toyota Auris looks like and how much old Scion characteristics adopted before, that should not be a big surprise as all. They already used it before. This borrowing lent in both directions, so we were able to see how old Scions had some details already seen on Toyota cars. You can surely recall famous models XB and XA that were almost the same as some Toyota models. The same situation was with FR-S model, too. Continue reading “2019 Scion IM Concept”

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2018 Scion IM – iA To Be Renamed Toyota Corolla iM

Like the car market is not complicated enough, some manufacturers have decided to make things even more difficult to understand, so new model 2018 Scion IM now should be called Toyota Corolla IM. The question is why the manufacturer has decided to change the famous and recognizable name to the almost the same popular brand, we cannot answer easily, due to silence came from the company, but let say that changes always lead to something good, so that are our expectations in this case, too. However, that would be not the only changes in this large factory. 2018 Scion FR-S will have the second name Toyota 86 in Europe, while the Scion IA model will be called Toyota Yaris now, even there are not many similarities between those models by now. Continue reading “2018 Scion IM – iA To Be Renamed Toyota Corolla iM”

2018 Scion FR-S – Say Hello to new 2018 Toyota 86

We usually do not love rumors about the cars, especially if the manufacturer has not confirmed anything about them, but we have a lot of reasons to believe that 2018 Scion FR-S (2018 Toyota 86) is almost on the market as new and redesigned model. Even though many of information are not confirmed, we expect some changes in sedan class mostly because many manufacturers have changed their models in this class. Popular in North America, where it is only sold, this version of Scion is actually one of the significant models which should rise the selling and win special types of the buyers. Continue reading “2018 Scion FR-S – Say Hello to new 2018 Toyota 86”

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2017 Scion IM – iA To Be Renamed Toyota Corolla iM

There are huge changes in Scion and Toyota last months. As we know that the name Scion goes in the history and that Toyota changes all names in new ones, there is a question how the new version of this car will be called. The answer is actually very simple. The old Scion iM will be called 2017 Toyota Corolla iM, while old Scion iA will become 2017 Toyota Yaris iA. The changes, thus, are mostly in names, while the features, design and engine performances are pretty much the same as in old models, so we should recall the look of those models and specifications. Continue reading “2017 Scion IM – iA To Be Renamed Toyota Corolla iM”

2017 Scion FR-S is now called the Toyota 86!

The title we used here is actually a mistake because Scion FR-S actually will not exist anymore. This car will have a new name, together with the redesigned look and new shape, and that will be 2017 Toyota 86, a very popular name among the car fans last couple of years. According to Division Group Vice President Bill Fay, this name should represent the new era in Toyota Scion or it is better to say, a new, more attractive model which everybody will love. It will be a symbol of the speed, strength and special sports look. Continue reading “2017 Scion FR-S is now called the Toyota 86!”