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2020 toyota supra front

2020 Toyota Supra

Debuted in January in North American National Auto Show in Detroit, 2020 Toyota Supra finally showed it how it looks and performances. Yet, we have a lot of questions, but those will be answered when the first cars show up on the street. So far, we know that there will be differences between the US and Japan when it comes to the design and engines, as well as in appearance in different trims.

The new Supra is interesting for one more thing. It is the first model that is made in cooperation with the BMW, so there are few details that exist in other cars made in BMW, like the engine and partly equipment. Do not forget that when first showed up 25 years ago, Supra was one of the most wanted and rarest sports cars on the market, but now it must compete with great sporty models that currently exist on the market.

2019 Toyota Supra – News and Info

For those who follow novelties from Toyota, representing 2019 Toyota Supra is nothing new. Firstly announced in 2011, Supra has survived many changes and prototypes, seen on spy photos and test driving. As Toyota has started cooperation with BMW, the new Supra is planned to be made on their famous Z4 platform for the future. The first change from last prototypes is that name Supra will be added on European models and it should be a sports car. Together with that, Toyota revealed a new video made in Nurnberg where new Supra is seen with many changes in design, but obviously in the engine, because this car sounds as it has V6 under the hood.…

2018 Toyota Supra – 2017 Tokyo Auto Show

It seems that some things are never boring, and that is a case with the new 2018 Toyota Supra. There are many photos by now about the new Supra from Toyota, mostly from the test driving, so we can say that we know something about that new model. We spied Supra, watched all test driving and assumed how it will look like. And yet, we cannot confirm all details. However, there are some photos and expectations by now, so we will share what we know. Expect many novelties in it, mostly in term of the design, while the engine option and the numbers about it are still not known.…

2017 Toyota Supra – Toyota Supra and BMW Z5 Spied – Winter Testing Together

The new cars from Toyota always attract attention, but 2017 Toyota Supra is maybe the most interesting car in the last couple of years. The reason is long planning of the new car, questing which platform will be used in making it, the mentioning of sporty F1 version and finally, a lot of test mule with not always visible details on rear and front ends left the buyers curious what will really happen with this car. Well, if you are one of those who was particularly interested in to see the new Supra, there are spy photos made at test driving in Sweden where two cars come out and represent themselves – BMW and Supra. Are you ready to see what they prepared for us?…

2017 Toyota Supra – 2017 Tokyo Auto Show


As the year has started, we have heard for many novelties from popular manufacturers, but it seems that Tokyo Auto Show at the end of the year will have the biggest news from Toyota. That is a showing of the new 2017 Toyota Supra, already tested a couple of times on test driving, captured on spy photos and changed and redesigned so many numbers of times until the new photos we say this winter in Sweden. Toyota never sleeps, we can confirm after those photos because nobody could expect so many changes and go further than simply copying of F1 concept, as we expected in past years. …